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Post-pandemic world

Nov 30, 2021 2 years ago

It has been a year and nearly four months since first person infected by coronavirus was identified and Covid-19 pandemic officially started on 16th March in my country. A roller-coaster of events happened in this period: some individuals found their ways in unexpected fields, made turns in their personal lives whilst for some others pandemic situation continues to be the worst without any opportunities. However, it is undeniable that we all human beings share the same sorrows, the same hopes and the same potential. And this Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us how interdependent humans are: what happens to one person can soon affect many others, even on the remote side of our planet. How will people change and grow in the wake of the pandemic? Noone has the right answer to this question on the agenda, and - in some respects, we do not even know the right questions to ask. As far as I am concerned, I see both advantages and disadvantages, maybe that is to be called failures, casualties and the opposite; effects of the Covid-19 pandemic towards a post-pandemic society. First and foremost, the use of technology and the internet has far expanded. More people started using gadgets and even more became obsessed with overusing technological devices. To ensure that, a recent statistics shows that before pandemic the average use of smartphones was 2,5 - 4 hours a day, whereas it extended to 6-8 hours in a day due to the lockdown. Seen as a considerable benefit, tech awareness among both young and elderly generation has become consistent. Namely, all the educational institutions, i.e. kindergartens, schools, lyceums and universities turned to online teaching, which urged all the staff, learners and their parents to imptove their IT comprehension. On the contrary, side effects of this situation have appeared e.g. virtual fraud in which most citizens have been frequently deceived. Secondly, change in the networking among relatives and acquaintances can be another impact of the pandemic on society. During the pandemic, humans became more polite and kind to each other understanding how valuable, important they are to one another. Parents spent much time with their children, paying more attention to their upbringing. As a result, young, unexperienced generations are immediately under control which, in turn, caused them to spend their pandemic time efficiently like participating in online conferences, foreign language learning etc. To sum up, Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, tourism, education and the social life of many nations. It is not a secret that most countries have experienced medical crisis, some are still in debt, which taught humans collaboration of governments will have to be rule of the future. Although it is inevitable to move out of pandemic era, continuing for approximately another two years, we themselves can create a comfort zone that will be suffice to meet our needs.

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