The Happiness Keys

Nov 15, 2019 4 years ago

All of us have been searching for happiness since the first day of our life , everything we do everyday as soon as we open our eyes in the morning until we go to bed in the evening is in search of happiness, did we find happiness really? In our modern world, there are all the reasons that are thought to make life better and better. There are luxury cars, airplanes, electricity, mobile phones, spacious houses, luxury furniture, etc. Are the people who have these things really happy? Then what is happiness ? , and where to find ? Is happiness a station we are trying to reach or is it the road? Do we find it in money, fame and success? If so, then why do so many of rich , famous and successful people commit suicide , sometimes ? Why did the American writer and writer Ernest Hemingway commit suicide, one of the most successful and famous writers of the world? So what is happiness? And where is she? And how do we find its keys? The other, but not the last, question is: Why were our ancestors happy when they were brushing the ground and roaming the sky without cover, without money, without a smartphone or a car, without large houses? The most important factors of happiness: * Feeling satisfied and self-confident: This requires that you should live your dreams and not the dreams of others, so do not compare yourself with others, and be yourself. Be happy with what you see in yourself and not with what people see in you. Be happy with what you have and don't be naughty with what you don,t have, you are the only one who has the decision of your happiness , I can tell you stories and tell you jokes, will you laugh? And if you laugh, does that mean you're happy? You are the only one who decides , your happiness is your duty not others duty , you are the one who has the key of your happiness, and happiness is not a rain that falls from the sky but it is a fountain that explodes within you. So be yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, this is not a call to selfishness or separation from people, never , but it is a call to happiness to be able to delight others , because who doesn,t have the thing , he couldn,t give it . *The family: The family is one of the most important factors affecting human happiness or misfortune.Human can bear the troubles of life at work, study or on the street, but the home and family are the refuge that people resort to in search of comfort, stability and warmth.The house and family is a station to provide hope, love and psychological comfort It is a station that charges you with ambitions, dreams, hope and determination whenever your resolve is weakened and your hopes diminished. It is frankly, the last station , a man who does not find happiness in his home and his family, he will not find it anywhere else. Family happiness among a war of bickering and hatred and lack of love and tolerance is doomed to death . * freedom: We must first know that being free from fear is the first step in the march of human,s freedom, and it is the most important stage of freedom. Under constant censorship by people and the kind of censorship we impose on ourselves, because when we do anything, we always wonder: What did people say? Or what will people say if we do this or that ? Reluctance and fear are the poison of happiness and the real Restrictions of freedom . so open the door of your happiness now , the key is in your hand . In fact , I am failure in happiness I cannot be happy , but you can . sorry for contradiction , but this is the fact .

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