Adiela Akoo


PMB, South Africa

Adiela Akoo, a recipient of the prestigious Dux Award, is a South African born poet/writer with a background in banking and comprehensive healing.

She has served in various positions including as Provincial Coordinator for an International holistic healing association. But her passion has always been towards her creative side. She attributes the inculcation of her love for the written word to her mother, who encouraged her at an early age.

Her poems and essays first appeared in print in the quarterly literary journal, The Moving Finger. She has since been published in a variety of magazines, journals and anthologies across the world, including Fidelities, Different Horizons, Sincerely Yours, Emotional Journey's', Renaissance, Sufi, Nature 2018-2019, Grey Thoughts, 25 Years of Freedom, Tales for Love, Best of Africa, Universul Culturii and others.

​She won the Poetry in my Mind August 2019 Poem Contest with her poem "As You Perceive", which has also been translated into Bangla and Turkish by fellow poets. "Redolent" was a runner up in a contest by Rui M Publishing. "Pre Natal" was nominated Poem of the Day on the popular poetry site PoemHunter and "Whiplash" was quoted in The South African House of Parliament.

Lost in a Quatrain is her debut collection with each poem telling a story that puts together the pieces of this crazy, not always romantic, experience we call life...

Lost in a Quatrain has been described as "Heart Touching" and "Soul Healing" by readers.

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