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Reader and writer (Don't judge a book by its cover)

Islamabad, Pakistan


Aiman Ali is a student from Islamabad,a beautiful city of Pakistan.She is not so fond of writing but the stories that run through her mind compel her to write.She is one of those lucky kids, who did not take exams and have been promoted to the next session due to covid-19 pandemic.Although she is an intellegent girl and have scored good grades throughout her academics.

In April 2020,she has passed her 12th grade with good marks and now intends to go to university for further education.As a Pakistani,she is fluent in her national language,Urdu.In addition,she stood in top 10 positions all over Pakistan in her 10th grade and keeps an intention to do more good.She has not yet entered into her professional career but in her view to succeed in any field one should have Ambition(As ambitious people see that they are capable of doing their best),Courage(A saying of Franklin D.Roosevelt.."The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"..so stop being fearful)Resilience is an important trait for success(As it is what can help you to continue gain,no matter what).

Besides work she loves her family.She is also an sports enthusiast.She loves photography,pop music and travelling.Although she haven't travelled much.If you want to listen interesting stories or even want to tell yours shes available.


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Stop being so Ungrateful

Jul 28, 2020 3 years ago

Dream,Every person dream. Dreaming is also a human right. I myself dream alot. But i don't know when i made those dreams my desire. I belong to a middle class family. Many of my dreams have come true and many will remain as regret. As i was very stubborn since my childhood. But the stubborness to fulfill those dreams made me even more stubborn and my dreams were getting bigger day by day. By the way i have everything i needed. God has blessed me with everything but i always forget the blessings and ran after the things i did not have. I mostly used to be ungrateful. I had a car but i still wanted a better ones. I had a house to live but that house doesn't seems like a house to me because i wanted a villa. I had good clothes to wear but i wanted what no one else had. I was deep into my dreams that i had lost myself. I had a life but i was not living. I was not enjoying what i had in my present but dreaming to have better in future. I decided to work hard to fulfill those dreams. During that journey i had lost the love of my family. They used to guide me alot but i had dreams all over my head. Then gradually time began to change and i got what i wanted. My dreams began to come true.I now had everything i dreamed of and i was so proud to have them. I no longer considered myself an ordinary person but a very special one. On contrarty,i had everything but i lacked something that an ordinary person might have and that was "Peace". I was very restless all the time. I had a lot but i was still lonely. I feel uncomfortable all the time. I can not find peace any were. Then a time after that changed my whole life. I sit in my big car as usual and left for my office. My eyes were closed and i had headphones in my ears and listening to loud music. Suddenly my car stopped at a signal. My eyes opened when someone knocked on the window. When i looked out of the window my heart sanked. I saw a disabled man sitting on the ground selling some pens. Only one hand was working in the whole body by which he was holding pens. He was crippled frome one arm and both legs. I was staring at him and suddenly the signal came on. He tried to cross the road but can't make so he sat in the middle of the road and cars were passing by in speed around him. I crossed the signal and told my driver to stop on the road side. I decided to help him thinking that maybe i can get some peace. I gave him 5000 (pakistani rupees) which was a huge amount for him. Giving him money,I told him to fulfill any of his wish. He answered me with a smile that no money can fulfill his desire. I said sarcastically, "What do you want"? There were tears in his eyes and he was smiling at the same time he told me that he wants to walk and make use of his hands and legs. This made me very ashamed in front of my Lord that I have spent my whole life in desire and ignored all his blessings. He has blessed me with everthing. I can walk,i can talk,he gave me such a great blessing of having a family but i was unable to see all of them. But then i realized my mistake of being so ungrateful. I thanked my Lord of all his blessings. It was also one of his favours that i realized my mistake. Now i have gained what i had lost. I gained peace,i gained back the love of my family and i feel my life more beautiful than before. THANK TO MY LORD THOUSANDS TIMES FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS.

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