American girl

Fergana, Uzbekistan


I'm Zulkhumor Daminjonova. I'm from Uzbekistan. I'm 16 years old. I study at school. And I know English. Also I know Russian little. My favorite colors are green, gray and black. I love airplanes. I'm interested in learning languages. And I want to study in America in future.


My story about quarantine

Mar 19, 2022 2 years ago

About my life which is in quarantine. Covid-19 was a great test for the whole world. Of course, humanity has seen many such difficulties in history. But I think caronavirus has had a huge impact for people.The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in severe economic and social impacts around the world. People were more likely to be unemployed or to be in precarious job contracts and working arrangements and thus lack adequate social protection. During this time, like everyone else, my destiny underwent great changes and difficulties. For example my mother also had this disease. It was a very big depression for us. But we were able to cure my mother. There are some things that have happened to us, that we laugh about now when we remember it. And in this essay I want to write about that. When Covid-19 was first discovered, we like everyone else were terrified. But after maybe 1 or 2 months we ignored it at all. One day my mother went to the supermarket to shop. And after 3 days she talked about her health. She said that "Can you measure my fever? For some reason I have a sore throat". And at that moment I and my sister terrified. Her temperature was 38 degrees. We provided immediate first aid. That is, we disinfected her hands, brought some medicines for her. And all of us analyzed Covid. It's results came out in three days. And only in my mother were the initial symptoms of Covid-19 detected. Since it was not very dangerous, the doctors allowed my mother to be treated at home. But my mom lived in a separate room for one week to take care of us. She didn't let us to enter her room. And as I said before, it was a big depression for us. But it was obviously boring for my mother. At which point, I put on my mask and went to live with my mother. We had a long conversation together. My sister cooked for us. After two days everything modified. My mother had no symptoms at all. And an analysis revealed that her illness had completely disappeared. My mother is a very strong woman, so she overcame this disease for us. And I must say that I missed my friends very much in quarantine. I thought about the time when I spent with them. We could not see them because we worried about our health. But we chatted over the internet. We prayed for a speedy cure for this disease. Until the quarantine we could easily embrace our friends, communcate with them without masks, we were close to our hearts, visit more often together their home, and prepare lessons with my friends. In quarantine I realized that we need to appreciate such situations in time, to spend more time with my friends. In my opinion there pros and cons to everything. The quarantine has taught us all to value life. We spent more time with our family. I read a lot of books. And one day one my friend invited me to volunteer. And we all agreed to volunteer with our friends. And all of us as volunteers, distributed free masks and antiseptics to people on the street. It was very interesting for us. We took a lot of pictures with our friends to remember those days later. And in quarantine my sister and I watched videos on YouTube and learned how to cook, and sew clothes. Quarantine has taught us a lot. And I must say that during the quarantine period, the country of Uzbekistan provided people with free medicines, and even free food. And treated patients free of charge And finally, quarantine has taught us to be patient, no matter how difficult life may be, that wearing a mask is good for our health, that we need to help people more and that value of life.

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