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I am Ayesha Irfan Cheema from Pakistan.I’m the student of fourth year M.B.B.S.I love to write and to read new books and Let us all bring back the power of reading and writing as the excessive usage of social media has made the time short and pushed education away.I do a thing called “What I want to”! I believe that without patience and passion nothing can be achieved.


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Dear Self,Stay Strong!

Jan 07, 2021 9 months ago

Some losses in life are so big that they can never be compensated! This Covid'19 hit us hard!It changed everything around us.It took away from us the “Iron-Man” of our family(My Uncle).It was 5th June,2020(Friday) at 4:30pm we lost him in this pandemic.This virus gave that iron-man a day or two and took him to his death-bed.All this can be related to what happens to a giant healthy elephant when an ant gets stuck in his trunk or ear?He went from home to the hospital with a smile and hope to everybody around “Don't worry i will be back soon with you all” and he did not come back.It's been seven months he left us and still my mind is not ready to accept that he left us all too suddenly.His voice,His foot-steps still strike my ears.He can never be forgotten.I pray to God the time we faced may you all never get to face that.This virus hit us so bad for many months even after his demise we all became Covid positive.Some of us quarantined ourselves at home and others with severe symptoms were admitted in the hospital.This was the hardest time I ever faced in my life.I too got covid positive three days after his death.I still cannot forget the tears rolling down the cheeks of my mother when I tested positive because the doctors straight-forwarded said that “She can't survive this virus because she is not having a good blood report and a lung X-ray”.I came back home,wiped my tears,mustered up all my courage,stood in front of the mirror and said to myself in a louder voice: “You have to be a Covid survivor because your family needs you,they can not now bear another loss.Be brave for yourself and your family.” I consulted one of my Doctor Teacher and he monitored all my symptoms and gave me a treatment chart to follow.I made a chart of my daily diet and symptoms that I had on days and then treated myself according to the symptoms I had.I watched all the movies and dramas that made me happy.I read many books.I found this time a golden time for me, I worked on improving my health. BELIEVE ME! COVID is a mind game if you've control on your nerves after getting positive you can overcome it.It seemed difficult to me because of the fear of the death of a family member who I never thought of losing.What I learnt from this dreadful time is “Care for and spend time with your loved ones before they're gone.Your Money,fame and success has nothing to do with if your loved ones are not with you.”

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I am a 5'feet determined girl, wheatish in complexion, with a passionate Mind full of goals, with bright EYES full of dreams, with HANDS that are always ready to help others and that pen down things I think and believe in, having LEGS that have the courage to move away from the things that disturb me.I'm a girl having a peaceful and grateful heart with no hatred for others.I owe the tongue that tries to speak the positive words.I'm none other than Ayesha Irfan from Pakistan.I'm the student of fourth year M.B.B.S.I believe in the power of education to enlighten the minds.I'm a girl who thinks and dreams big.I love travelling.I am a foodie.I love trying different foods.I love reading self-based learning books. Now starting off with my journey of life, I was a over-confident child who was the apple of everyone's eye.By the grace of God!i had been a very good student.I myself and my parents too wanted me to be a doctor.In 2005, I came across an incident that changed my Life.I was hardly eight years old when I lost my father.This incident totally changed me.I became a quiet child.I stopped smiling and I became less confident.But I have no words to thank God,I have a very supportive family,a very supportive mother and uncle who supported me in my every dream and fulfilled all my desires.I worked day and night and passed my Matriculation and FSC with 92%.Then after clearing my entrance exam of medical,I got admission in a medical college.It was a proud moment for me and my family.I got really good friends there.I learnt a lot there.I came across different people there. As In the year 2020, the whole world got entangled in the pandemic named”Corona”.I as being a medical student believe that this pandemic taught us all that “Health is important” and our health system should be improved.There should be more hospitals equipped with facilities.We as people are running more towards entertainment in our lives rather than education.In this pandemic,I lost my elder uncle who lost his life while fighting with corona.After15 years of the death of my father,we all broke once again.This incident disturbed me mentally.A few days after his death I too tested positive.I quarantined myself, took the medicines and I recovered.My quarantine was a golden and a very dreadful time for me.I pondered over all the things I was doing,I pen them down,I wrote all the things I wanted to change in myself.I paid great attention to my health.i watched all Those seasons that made me happy.i learnt how to deal mentally when you come across a difficult situation.What I believe Is corona is a game of mind.Relax Your mind you will get through this! The two things that kept me going in my life are: The smile on my parents face,their pride and trust in me! In the last, I would like to say to all the readers take care of your time and yourselves! Time is very valuable! We don't know when will we lose our life?Do what you want to!So in the end! You don't have to regret.I do a thing called “What I want to”.Your only competition is “You”. Don't compare yourself to the strangers on social media.Take your mental health seriously.I believe that there is nothing impossible in this world.If you're determined enough to lead a change then change will come.Without passion and patience nothing great can be achieved !Trust in God!Wait and Work hard till the world is ours!



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