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Coping with covid-19 pandemics

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I am a caring daughter, sister, wife and mother of two beautiful kids. Basically, I am a homemaker doing part time job in ORIFLAME. I am also doing other micro tasks, taking surveys and writing on different platforms online.

I enjoy reading, writing and spending fun time with my family.


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Healthy living

Sep 02, 2020 1 month ago

There is a saying: ‘Health is wealth.' It is a very simple quote yet holds great meaning behind it. Staying healthy is really a blessing not everyone gets hands on. It requires healthy eating and smart living. Excercises and walks in routine makes you energetic. Nutritious meals makes your body active and working. Cleanliness makes you hale and hearty. The moderate change in lifestyle can greatly affect your health. Missing out excercises makes your body lazy and exhausting. Unhealthy eating and lack of nutrition in food slows down metabolism in body. When one becomes ill and use medications then they realize how important it is to have a healthy living. This is what I had to face from last one week. I ordered and ate some unhealthy snacks. Due to negligence in hygiene and nutritions, those food items made me sick to my stomach. I was bound to bed from sickness with medicines taken three times a day. Also from the past half month, I was having unbearable pain from shoulder to legs probably due to lack of daily workouts. I became petty to do home chores and other activities I loved to do before. My detrimental health made me come to realization that I payed no heed to healthy lifestyle. I also learnt that we have taken our health for granted. We are so engaged in our worldly matters that physical and mental training for our well-being have become obsolete in our daily regime. We make our body so overly tired that we forget that our body also needs time and attention. It also needs flexibility and nourishment. Just as we grasp this reality it becomes too late. Getting illness and doing medications is all left to us. Healthy living is free but enduring ailment is costly.

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I love Rain

Aug 20, 2020 2 months ago

Articles for alumniyat: Rainy day: I love rain. I love the sound of rainwater touching ground. I love it when raindrops start pouring from sky like small crystal balls. I love rain when its cool breeze touches me. I love rain when my children laugh and play around. Their sweet talks and cute laughing sound makes my heart melt. They make me nostalgic about my carefree childhood days when I used to enjoy in rain along with my friends. I used to dance in rain and loved to collect raindrops in small pots hoping to save them for playing in future. I love when rain drops sprinkles on lush green grass and trees. The way these plants shines gives satisfaction to my eyes. I love to watch rainy day together with family sitting in my lawn. We then take good hot tea with snacks just right with the season. Also the calm and soothing music played in speaker give relaxation feelings to ears and mind. All tiredness from home chores instantly rushes way. Also when I go out for a long drive during rain, I love it when drops sparkles like small dews on car window. I also like it when whole heap of water pass through our car. I love rain when it brings both happy moments and sad memories at once. They give me mixed feelings of happiness and grief. Making me smile and cry at same time.

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Some glimpse from my diary part 2

Jul 05, 2020 3 months ago

Here's another one. Keep enjoying: BEAUTIFUL WORDS TAKEN FROM MAGAZINES BACK THEN: 1. Zingadi ke haseen safar men kisi ko itna mat chaho keh woh tumhare dil ki akhari khwahish ban jaiy aur uss ke baghair tumhari zindagi be maqsud ho jaiy. Agar iss dukh o ghum se bhari duniya men pur skun ho ker zinda rehna chahte ho to kisi ko bhi dil ki gehrai se mat chaho warna tum khud aik tute huay phool ki tarha bikhar jao gai aur tumhe semaitne wala bhi koi nhi hoga. ( In beautiful walks of life, do not love someone from the deep roots of your hearts to the core that they may become your last wish and your life become aimless without them. Also if you want to live happy and peacefully, do not love from the depth of the heart to the extent that you may be scattered like a broken flower and nobody will come to complete you.) 2. kamyabi aik buht haseen titli he jis ke peechay bhagne wale buht se log apne aap se beechar jate hein.... (Success is that very beautiful butterfly behind which too many people run to loose themselves.) 3. This one was actually written by me: Har cheez ka faida bhi hota he aur nuqsan bhi. Aisa bhi hota he na faida hota he na nuqsan yani keh woh useless hote he. Yah kabhi dono ka baig waqt faida bhi hota he aur nuqsaan bhi. Kabhi hum nuqsaan samjhte hein magar hota faida he. Yah kabhi hum faida samjhte hen hota nuqsaan he. Ussi cheez ka sirf faida hota he yah nuqsaan. Yah phir yeh sab nhi hota. Phir hota kia he? ( Everything has its pros as well as cons. There are some things that don't have benefits as well as disadvantages that is they are useless. Other things have both benefits as well as damages. Or sometimes the things that gave benefits to us is actually a harm for us. While the things that we assume as harmful becomes beneficial for us. Some of the things has benefits only while other things have damages only. Or all this does not happens. So question is then what happens?

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Some glimpse from my diary part 1

Jul 03, 2020 3 months ago

I would love to share some memorable sayings, quotes and other things that I had written in my diary I kept since 2008. Writing all this will refresh memories of my teen years and what I loved to read, write and think during those era up till now. So read and keep enjoying ..!! Lets Start. I was going through my diary and initially found some sayings from unkown authors, that I would have loved to write and saved back then. Most of them are written in my own language; but here I will write and translate them to English as well. SAYINGS I LOVED BACK THEN: 1. Jhuko, wqar ke saath. Ibaadat kro, muhabat ke saath. Sunoo, tawajoo keh saath. Bolo Ikhtisar ke saath. Geo hosle, ke saath. behess kro, dalil ke saath. prho, intikhab ke saath. ( Bow down with dignity, Offer prayers with love, Listen attentively, Talk humbly, Live with encouragement , Argue with proof, Read with choice) 2. Aisi khushi se door raho jo gham ka kanta ban kr dhook de. ( Stay away from the happiness that sadden you with the thorn of grief.) 3. Lagan aur itimaad insaan ko kamibiyabi se hamkinaar krta hai. ( Pure love, carefulness and trust leads to the path of success.) 4. Zindagi baghair muhabat ke mussibaat aur baghair aqal ke hiwaniyat he. ( Life without love is problematic and without wisdom is animalism) 5. Kisi ka mazaaq na urao, mazaaq uraane wale ka bhi aik din mazaaq urh skta he. ( Do not make fun of anyone as they themselves could be made fun of someday.) 6. Allah ka piyara wo hai jo kisi ko taqleef na pohenchaiy. ( Dearest to ALLAH are those that do not hurt others. ) 7. Agar acha banaa chahte ho to aik lamha bhi fuzool na bheto. ( Do not sit idly even for a moment if you want to be someone great and achieve something good.) 8. Dil aik bchay ki maneend hai, jo dekhta hai wohi mangta he. ( Heart is like a child that immediately wants what it sees.) 9. Doosron ke chirakhon se roshni dhoondney wale hmesha andheron ke mqeen rhty hein. ( Those who need others lights to lit their own paths always lives in the darkness.) 10. Agar doosron ke raste se phatar nhi utha skte to doosron ki rah mein rukawat na bano. (Donot become obstacle in others paths if you can't even replace the stones laid in their path.) 11. Unn doshmnoon se na dariye jo ap pr hamla krty hein, un doston se dariye jo apki khushamaad krty hein. (Donot be afraid of enemies that attacks you. Be afraid of those friends who flatters you.) 12. Jise Allah usse kon chakhe. ( All living beings cannot taste death without ALLAH'S Will. ) 13. jehalat tamaam buriyon ki jaarh he aur ilam tamaam achaiyon aur fazeelat ki buniad he. (Ignorance is the root of all evil while wisdom is the basis for goodness and virtue.) 14. saadat ki zindagi aur sheehadaat ki moot kismet walon ko hi naseeb hoti he. ( Life of happiness and death by martyrdom can only be given by fate.) 15. Maqsad aala ho aur khuda pr kamil bharoosa ho to raste simat jate hein aur manzilain kareeb aa jaty hein. ( All the paths are completed and destinations becomes close when one has high aims and complete trust in ALLAH.)

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Coping with covid-19 pandemics

Jul 02, 2020 3 months ago

You all know that we are going through worst covid-19 emergencies. It's not only affecting homeland but almost all countries of the world. The worst case scenario is the downfall of economy declining number of government and private jobs. Workers from all over the world are forced to either resign or get fired. We all miss those 'back to normal life' where social distancing was a dream,quarantine was unheard of,rush hours on roads were common, offices, schools and parks were opened. Dining out as well as shopping was a three days treat in a week. Now everybody is forced to stay at homes,observing social distancing, quarantining and isolating which are leading to loneliness,depressions and other mental health problems. Everyday from television to social media to neighborhood to homes we are watching people suffering and dying from covid-19, leading to heart attacks from anxieties and suicides from depressions. Above mentioned points are just the sidenotes of sufferings we are facing today. We can write on countless topics about the negative impacts this pandemic is affecting us. Lets now focus on the positive aspects of it. Although being positive about this difficult situation,is hard to point but not impossible. The biggest benefits being the earth and its contents ie ozone layer, animals plants, and all other things that man had nearly destroyed,to thrive faster. Not to mention the mess we created on land and in outer space is now in control. The cleanliness we almost forgot is now becoming a necessity of our well-being and well being alive. Bathing almost daily,washing hands,cleaning our homes has become a routine for us. Not only that, we are also observing social distancing by less dining and shopping out,avoid spending money excessively partying late nights. Also we are now nearest and dearest to our loved ones that we once usually ignored. We can now spend and cherish these moments happily at home with our families rather than finding happiness outside on unnecessary people. This pandemic has also made us focus greatly on our health and well being. We can now rest and eat well. We can now lay emphasize upon excercises and walks,regular prayers, and spend our daily lives in timely manner. Staying at home also brought out our hidden talents and ambitions that we didn't knew we had in our 'busy lives.' We can divert our attentions from negativities around us by working upon those talents be it writing,painting,reading, cooking, knitting, blogging,vlogging and vice versa. It will help us deal with anxiety and mental illness. We can also find many other positive sides this pandemic has given us to help us stand strong. As so many lives have been effected, people have their own stories to tell. They are dealing with it in their respective ways either positively or negatively. Now coming to interesting part,I would like to write about how me and my family are coping with it. Talking about myself,though I was not much of an outgoing person,I loved to shop and dined out with my family atleast two to three days a week. If not shopping,we would visit cinemas or meet our respective families. We also loved exploring different cities and countries although few in count. Staying at home all week long was becoming stressful physically, emotionally and mentally. Especially our kids attending schools, enjoyed playing with friend and swinging in parks. Mentioning myself I decided to get busy with homechores but how much. To spend time purposefully,I begin to look after my beauty and well being.I started taking more interests in hobbies.I who is not a best cook,learned to cook better though not efficiently.I who liked to eat rashly,sweet dishes mostly,now avoid excessive sugar and fat intake though didnot cut them out.I who spent time lazily doing nothing for fitness started exercising and brisk walking. Also I who is graduate in computer science,spent three years searching for jobs both off and online once in every three months or rather years,now actively participates in carrying big to small tasks online. As I love to read and write since young age,I spend some 'me' time in reading novels and writing articles for my mental health. Also I try to strictly adhere to healthy and happy routine life of my family like homeschooling my kids,keeping them busy indoors. Getting my family to eat, sleep and play rightly.I also love to spend my 'carefree' with hubby by indulging in cooking and walking together. We also love to celebrate small events and other happy moments at our home. We also visit my mom's place once in a while to spend lovey dovey times with them safely. We also love to keep in touch with our circles online. I will also love to write and share posts about us spending our life happily together to fight with depressing situations in future. Hope you all enoyed going through my post. Thankyou. Stay Safe!! Stay Healthy!! Stay Blessed!!

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