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Lagos, Nigeria

I am a young man of age 23 and I live in Lagos Nigeria and I am a student of university of oye ekiti and I love to play Basketball and video games and I hate people who lie and I love to write but most times I have issues thinking so i just relax and I love to meet new people


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World between world's

May 17, 2019 1 year ago

World between world's Waking as early as 5am just to meet up the bus at the park to get me to my destination The guy who sells phone accessories is also awake 5am preparing to head to the park to sell his goods. We both get there 5:30 I locate my bus station he goes around the park advertising the accessories then he comes to me with all hope of me buying and I look at him in all hope of not buying. We've cross paths, I get to my destination he goes back home and the next day he wakes up 5am to get to the park but this time with another person who also wakes up 5am.

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Demons of Babylon

May 17, 2019 1 year ago

Demons of Babylon My soul screams for the light, trying to hold on to what makes me good. My demons which have been my friends from the get go seek me back to be with them but my soul seeks the light. Dreaming, waking, listening to the words of Lucifer makes my heart darken and my soul bleed for I have wined and dined with my demons. My body belongs to the darkness but my soul seeks freedom to the light but my demons own my body and I sink into deep darkness and I find peace with my demons My demons from Babylon

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