Charlie Monte

Horror Novel Writer

Eugene, United States

Hi, I'm Charlie. To sum me up i'm a younger writer that loves to write Horror novels, Thrillers, Poetry and short stories. I love 80's rock music, its what I listen to when i'm writing and my all time favorite writer is Stephen king. My favorite book of his is misery. I've written multiple short stores and submitted them to multiple contests, but have won (yet). I'm currently in the middle of writing a Horror novel, and expect to finish some time next year!


True Colors

May 22, 2021 3 years ago

I enter my room, the shades drawn the candles burnt out, Darkness engulfing me, an absence of color, a void of nothing. As my sadness radiates around the room, as the last candle goes silent, I am left with nothing more, nothing more of a once vibrant room, where people dance in beautiful dresses, the pinks and purples and blues, gliding across the floor and flowers snuck in the windows to watch. Music seeping thru the walls and out into the world, it was a magical place, A place filled with laughter and joy, until the music stopped and the people stopped dancing. The purple dresses that once glided like angels across the floor disappearing behind doors. The flowers creeped out into the night as the windows were shut. The laughter died away, and the candles slowly burned out, until I was left, sitting on the once gleaming dance floor, in my long green dress, once vibrant with life. As I began to weep, my tears washed away what little color was left. Leaving only darkness behind. As i continued to weep, suddenly into the night, it was as if the melody of my tears began a waltz of its own, the windows flying open with a great gust of wind, suddenly the lifeless flowers began creeping in once again, as i got up and walked, my dress gliding against the floor, my tears creating a gleaming surface reflection only the darkness inside it. I sat down at the piano and began to play, as I suddenly grew louder and louder, water began pouring out of the keys, my eyes no longer wept, but the world wept for me. And the water engulfed me. I slowly rose out of the chair, the piano music still ringing all around me. My music bounced into the walls as I swam around the room, the candles and chairs floating all around me. My dress gliding behind me, my hair floating around my face as my reflection stared back at me, I could feel my sadness slipping away as I began to swim faster, and faster reaching for the piano, a new light glowing inside me. The music slowly began to die away as I floated back down the water seeping into the floor, as I came back down, I began to play as though nothing had happened. My Music seeping out the open windows and flowing out into the night, faces began to turn and people began running in, dresses of every color began gliding across the floor once again moving to my music. Candles were lit and flowers began peeking through the windows. The colors restored, as my tears had bathed the world of sorrow all that was left was light, for all of eternity.

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