Climate Grip

A Trusted AHU Manufacturer Company

Derabassi, India

Climate Grip is a AHU Manufacturer Company based in Derabassi, Punjab. We have been providing our valued customers with top-notch quality products at competitive prices.

We are committed to delivering the best possible solutions to our customers' needs by offering top-notch high-efficiency air side products, which are designed for maximum energy savings. Our products have an excellent reputation in the industry, which makes them perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

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Aluminum Damper Supplier

Apr 12, 2024 1 month ago

Aluminum Damper Supplier offers top-quality, precision-engineered aluminum dampers for HVAC systems and other applications. Known for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, they provide a wide selection of adjustable dampers to regulate airflow efficiently. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the supplier ensures durable and reliable products that meet industry standards, making them a trusted choice for professionals in need of efficient airflow control solutions. https://www.climategrip.com/project/aluminum-damper

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Trusted AHU Manufacturer

Feb 17, 2024 3 months ago

As a trusted AHU manufacturer since 2001, Climate Grip Private Limited delivers high-efficiency, customizable AHUs and HVAC solutions. With ISO 9001:2015 certification and 25,000 square feet of factory space for in-house design and production, Climate Grip is a leading provider of full AHU & HVAC systems focused on indoor air quality, low noise, and reliability. https://www.climategrip.com/

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Fresh Air Unit Supplier

Feb 12, 2024 3 months ago

Climate Grip is a well-known fresh air handling unit supplier, offering both single-tier and double-tier options for their clients. Their units feature corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles, rigid frame designs for stability, and double-skin casings for durability. Equipped with efficient centrifugal fans and high-quality motors, these units ensure optimal ventilation with low maintenance costs. With a range of models catering to different air volume requirements, Climate Grip stands out as a reliable fresh air unit supplier, providing solutions for various industrial and commercial needs. https://www.climategrip.com/project/fresh-air-unit

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The "HEPA Terminal Filter Efficiency & Integrity Testing" by Climate Grip assures compliant clean rooms through meticulous HEPA filter testing. Their service aligns with GMP regulations, ensuring HVAC systems in pharmaceutical facilities maintain designated cleanliness levels. The page emphasizes the importance of periodic evaluations to counter decreased efficiency caused by clogging or damage. Climate Grip's testing procedures, recommended biannually, aim to validate filter integrity and adherence to industry standards. Comprehensive documentation accompanies certifications, forecasting potential issues, and enhancing filter longevity for optimal performance. Contact for expert HEPA filter assessment and maintenance. https://www.climategrip.com/services/hepa-terminal-filter-efficiency-integrity-testing

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Air Handling Unit Supplier

Nov 21, 2023 5 months ago

Revolutionize your HVAC system with our meticulously crafted Air Handling Units (AHUs)! Designed by expert manufacturers, our AHUs are the cornerstone of indoor air quality, guaranteeing efficient air re-conditioning and circulation. Crafted with robust aluminum profiles and high-density foam, these units offer unmatched reliability and performance. From commercial spaces to healthcare facilities, our AHUs cater to diverse applications, ensuring a breath of fresh air in every environment. Elevate your indoor air quality effortlessly with our top-notch AHUs! https://www.climategrip.com/project/air-handling-unit-ahus

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