Almaty , Kazakhstan

My name is Danara Tynybayeva. I'm 23 years old. And I'm a citizen of Kazakhstan.

My profession is a teacher of English language. I chose this profession because English have interested me since my childhood. English is widespread and my lovely language. I like to teach and accomplish my skills.

If I would say about my family I'm married and I have a little princess.

I am interesred in reading historical books, learning culture of various countries. I find it more useful and captivating.

So it was short information about me.


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Paradise is under the mothers` feet

May 24, 2018 5 years ago

"Life doesn`t come with a manual, it comes with a mother." (Unknown author) "No man is poor who has a Goldy mother." (Abraham Lincoln) Throughout life, a person is surrounded by many different people such as mom, dad, grandparents, brother, sister, friends and others. Many of them play an important role on our lives, but the closest and most loved one is the MOTHER. It is not for nothing that they say, " A mother is a person who can replace everyone, but no one can ever replace her. " Mother is a miracle word which gives warm and maternal weasel. Mom is the most precious and irreplaceable person on the Earth. She is a only one person who really worry and genuinely loves her child. From first day of life she teaches us how to hold a spoon, to speak, dress and walk. Is there a value that can be measured by maternal love? What is a maternal instinct? I think many people will agree that this is a very strong feeling that makes one do the impossible. I am sure no matter what, everybody in every corner of the world loves his mother. And in this essay I would like to say a little about my mother. My paradise is my home where always my mother waits me. I see my mom, as an ideal of imitation. She is a very spiritually strong, the kindest, most generous, beautiful and very intelligent person. She can always give an advice and help in any situation. I think everyone has such memories connected with his mother, which are stored deep in the heart and in the intimate corner which sweep through life. In my memory she will always remain as a ray of light. As for me, it isn`t impossible to describe mother and maternal love just in words. Because she has so many qualities which are peculiar only to her. I want her to thank for giving me the superb life, for perpertual supporting in all and for her huge lovely heart. I am infinitely happy that I have her. But It happens that sometimes we have some difficulties, but even so, my mother never desponds and shows to us it. She always goes ahead and does everything that I and my little sister will be happy and needn`t anything. Mom is ready to give the latest slice of bread to us. For today, my mom brought up and educated us herself regardless of difficulties in life. I can never replay a debt to her. But unfortunately, there were times when I offended and disobeyed my mom. But she never takes offense at me. Although I understand that it hurts her. I have recently become a mother too and then I began to understand her. Now I have a little the cutest princess. It turns out that it is another feeling to be a mother and a child. When you are child you don`t worry anything just do everything what your soul wants. But if you are a parent especially a mother, then everything changes, your mind and fillings. You begin to worry about your baby, and about his or her future. Our people say, you will understand parenting when you will become one. And I see that it is the exact truth. Despite of good and happy sides also we have distressing situations in our society. For instance, when a mother refuses and throws her child or when children don`t respect their parents and in the elder age they just give them into the home for elderly. Today there are so many orphanage and nursing homes for elderly. To my mind, it is a global challenge in our society. And day by day it isn`t reduce conversely are increased. I think we and our next generation should fight with these problems. Because in particular who have like this difficulties psychologically traumatize himself and then someone become aggressive or very shy. I can give myself as an example to this. When my parents divorced I felt so sadness and loneliness. I was angry to my parents. Because I wanted to live in full-fledged family as other children. Nevertheless life goes on. And that times my mother didn`t never feel to us lack of anything. She raised us herself without needing of something. My mom never slackens her arms. I want her to thank for her love again and again. For me, mother is disinterested, understanding, and forgiving. Mom is like a wonderful gentle flower that is around and inside me! Mothers are heroes who daily perform feats. She will always remain mother in joyful and hard times. After all only the mother will love us always and in any circumstances. Who knows how much pain and love can accommodate the mother`s heart. We children should never forget their mothers. For mother her child is the best in the world. So says people`s wisdom. And this is the exact truth. The phrase « Paradise is under feet of the mother » means that the gates of paradise are open those who appreciate and respect mothers. A person should treats his parents with kindness and mercy and don`t be cruel to them. In conclusion, I want every child to tell his mother more often the words of love, hug her because unfortunately, moms are not eternal. And I wish health and happiness all mothers in the world. Take care of your mother as she does you…

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