A Dreamer Person


I am a dreamer or you can call me ambitious but I am lazy at the same time. Most of the time I am unpuncutal or tardy. I am very moody sensitive and short tempered.

I have been working on to overcome my flaws and hope to be really able to do so one day soon.

My shy and honest nature have put me in trouble most of the time but I am okay with it.

I am a person with Growth Mindset and one day hopefully I will be the person people admire, adore as well as applaud.

Personal Information:-

Born in June 5, 1988 at Swayambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal in a middle class family as the youngest child, I have been very coy and reserved person. May be this is the reason people label me with their own assumptions.

Professional Journey:-

I have been working as a teacher from last 5 and 8 months. Teaching in a school like where I work is fun and interesting. Working as a teacher is my 4th profession including my previous works in Call Centre as a Online Marketing Executive, SEO Content Writer, Volunteer in an INGO.

My biography is relatively short and lack several things I know because I am working on it to make it complete and full like we read on Wikipedia of some famous people. ;)

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Happy New Year 2075

Apr 17, 2018 2 years ago

The Gregorian calendar marks the new year on 1st of January every year and this special day is celebrated in most parts of the world. Chinese new year falls during the month of February according to Lunar calendar. Likewise, Nepali new year is observed according to the Bikram Sambat calendar. Emperor Bikramaditya had established the solar calendar in 57 BCE, which have been in use in Nepal since last more than 200 years. The Bikram Sambat year is around 56 years earlier than the Gregorian calendar year. The first day of the New year is the public holiday in Nepal and is observed by the people with the sumptuous meal, traveling new places and spending a good time with family and friends. Earth is moving, revolving around the sun. It's a new year again, See how time fastly run. Past has gone future is unknown, this year is in its beginning. The new year will be old sometime in future like the time is thinning. Hope love and peace be prevailed even when on earth there is few air. May all humans be content and prosperous, I wish you a happy new year. Today is the 4th day of the year 2075 and I would like to wish all Nepalis, in Nepal or abroad, Happy New Year 2075.

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The Vision for Utopian Society

Mar 01, 2018 2 years ago

With the widespread use of modern technology, nowadays convenience, comfort, and coziness are the parts of our life. Human civilization has reached at that point of time, which was never so prosperous and technologically advanced ever before. According to Wikipedia, the Gross World Product is about US$107.5 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), and around US$78.28 trillion in nominal terms. The total amount of money in the world is estimated to be around $60 Trillion. With this figure of present world various speculations can be made, one, if you are from the developed country, you may believe everything in the world is happening as the best it could be. Whereas, if you are from the developing world, you may think future is going to be excellent for you or it is challenging ever depending on which regions of the world you live in. After all, we have superpowers to so-called feeble countries on the same planet, earth. The difference, distance, and division are not only seen among the distinct countries but also among the people living in a single country. Some people are living in the big mansions, whereas several other people are sleeping under the stars on the footpaths. Some people are lucky enough to ride Lamborghini and fly on private jet planes, whereas some don't even have a pair of slippers to travel on foot. Some people do not have anything to nibble on, whereas, some pay the tips at five-star restaurants even higher than the wage those impoverished people earn after day long tiring works. Innovative ideas, of course, are winning the heart of the people and ruling the world everywhere, all around the world. For an instance, innovative ideas and technology introduced by technologists and companies earn good revenues. Revenues are good when the profit is maximum, and profit is more when the price of offered products or services is high. The high price of anything is expensive, unaffordable to most of the people since average people earn way less than CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the big corporate world. Have you ever thought how the current world has become the great place to live in terms of quality, opportunity, and equality? Undoubtedly, apart from the technological advancement and development, the teaching and learning in the past by recognized or unrecognized extraordinary human ancestors had contributed to the world to come to the present stage. Many creative ideas helped humans to spend their life with ease and novel belief made humans morally right and knowledgeable. As time passed by intellectual property became subject to confide within oneself or limited within a group of people or organization. Most of the companies that are believed to be important to build today's modern society keep the ingenious ideas of them surreptitiously. This practice is partly to be blamed for the existing disparity among people living in penury and superrich. Imagine what if supreme world leaders in the past had kept their intelligence learning secret? If they would have done so, there would be no such religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism etc. today. Likewise, the globally proliferated old local technology would not be in access to most of us. Nobody can think of the worldwide famous beverage tea copyrighted in the past. How bad that would have been for millions of tea lovers from all around the world. Thanks to all those real humans with the great heart for making our earth better place to live to some extent. The present state of the world seems to be perplexed and lost, considering the situation in which developed countries are in fear of possible terror threat, unbelievably with feminism and surprisingly with the rising economy as well as the prosperity of developing countries. The business world is busy making money regardless of any concern to the well-being of its consumers in most circumstances, tech giants are competing to help humans settle on other planets when we are having a tough time here on our own planet of birth. We have either forgotten or are unknown about the humility and empathy in the never-ending competition of earning wealth, enhancing the supremacy and in establishing prestige. We live in the society where people worship the power of money, physical force, beauty, and influence. Maybe an Ignorance is a bliss but that does not last for long and our insensibility has already shown outcomes of two world wars. We could learn from the nonviolence revolutionary leader Mahatma Gandhi but still, we do practice violence like in Syria, we could be generous like Berners Lee to move the world ahead in technology but we are plagued by patents, copyright and royalty kinds of stuff, we could learn to be humble from the forbearance of Jesus but no that is not our cup of tea. We need to instill leniency, liberality, and love into us to make the utopian alike society to keep our generations alive.

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The cold morning it was and holiday for most of Nepalese as it was the Saturday. Off from the work that day I was sort of busy taking selfies to upload on one of the popular social networking sites. I was adjusting my phone and looking for the best possible place inside the room to capture the pics. I sat on the parapet nearby the window holding phone on the right hand and gazing at the phone screen where my face was looking bright with the light, the time was 11:56 AM and the date of course, April 25th, 2015. All of a sudden I heard the sound of quivering windows. At first I had thought it was shivering due to the wind or noise of flying airplane or helicopter above the sky nearby. Then all of sudden I realized that was the tremors caused by the earthquake. It didn't take me much time to move out of my room to our living room shouting earthquake. By the next two to three minutes almost all of us were at living room still unknown to take what action. We felt the strong earthquake together with kind of wheezing sound of wind at the same time. Utensils fell of from shelves, photo frames collapsed from the walls and TV and desktop computer dropped from their places. When we reached at lawn outside the house, I thought of my sister and my young niece, who live 2 km far from my home. Then I thought of my school, students with fear in my mind that was multiplying with the aftershocks. We looked at the UNESCO enlisted the World Heritage Site, Swayambhunath stupa, which is located at the top of nearby hill. Later we came to know from words of mouth the actual epicenter of earthquake was somewhere in West Northern part of Kathmandu, at Barpak located in district of Gorkha, around 177 km far from capital city Kathmandu, where we were living. Not only the temples and monasteries at Swayambhunath stupa hillside, several others important cultural and historical monuments of Kathmandu valley such as Bouddha nath, Hanuman Dhoka Palace, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and many others heritages fell apart together with thousands of houses from different part of Nepal close to the main epicenter of the earthquake. We had to stay and sleep outside the house for couple of days to save ourselves. The next day various newspapers, online news portals and TV news showed horrific scenes of collapsed buildings, dead bodies as well as the miraculous rescue of lucky people who survived the earthquake in the most unbelievable way. Member countries of SAARC, European Union, Japan, Canada, USA and Israel arrived in Nepal. In the same way international media and journalist covered news of this tragic incident with their own flavors. Everything was about to get to the normal until the 12th of May, when the major aftershocks of major earthquake of April 25 hit this time the West Northern part of Kathmandu. The weakened buildings and houses from previous earthquake fell down this time killing hundreds of people and injuring other hundreds. Earthquake in 2015 killed more than 9000 people, injured 22000 others, damaged $10 billion worth properties and taught lessons to people to build earthquake proof houses as well as to be prepared for the safety from any monstrous earthquake in future. It's been more than 2.5 years since the major earthquake hit Nepal but still fallen cultural and historical monuments have not been reconstructed yet. Foreign donations from international communities were returned back a year ago by the then government of Nepal since they were incapable of using them wisely. The capital city, Kathmandu has the highest population among other cities of Nepal and many houses which were partially damaged have been renovated in a way just covering the crack walls with new coats of cement and painting. With the demand and need of accommodations for the people flocking in capital city from out of Kathmandu for the jobs, better education, and facilities. Landlords in Kathmandu city are adding more floors on the top of their half century old houses and century old houses. Many houses are still building without proper engineering standard and techniques. Nepal is an earthquake prone country but the infrastructure development and construction are not done with wise consideration of possible earthquake.The physical infrastructures of Nepal questioned me and those who worry about the future. We lost the valuable lives of people, properties and pride of Nepal, historical and cultural heritages as well as monuments. But still why we behave and pretend as if nothing has happened? Are we really forgetful? Are we really prepared for the next big earthquake? Have we really forgotten the April 25th of 2015?  Nepali is Indo-Aryan language similar to Hindi in terms of alphabets but while speaking we don't care much of the grammar. For example, in Nepali language we say eating food. That's fine right? What if we Nepalese say eating tea, eating water, eating cigarette and eating wine as well. Yes, it's weird.

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Holiday Today

Dec 30, 2017 2 years ago

Today 30th of December or the 2nd last day of the year 2017 is also holiday because of Saturday. I have to do laundry and other works but at the same time excited to submit my essay on Biopage. Please support me

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