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Edith is an extrovert, who strongly believes in her name which means , that she is Rich and blessed. I love writing, influencing people positively, I love Christ and laughing. I believe in change and prosperity and I wanna make my society be a better place and yes! I have a plan.


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Jun 06, 2019 4 years ago

‘The bishop took me to his bed and started touching me then……', those were the bitter words coming from a defiled twelve year old girl. It is hard to internalize that some Bishops, Fathers, pastors have turned into pedophiles who causes physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological harm to girl child. The holy walls of a church are supposed to be a sacred, safe place that offers solace and peace. Most parents send their children to church with a n aim of protecting them from society's vices or rather' mabaya za mtaa'. society vices) Research shows that one out seven children is abused sexually, out of four hundred and twenty cases of sexual assault two hundred and fifty female are minors, One hundred and seventy two are male minors and most of them are between the age of eleven to fifteen. In India research from NEW DELHI shows that India is the most dangerous country for women. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/nari-shakti-on-full-display-during-republic-day-parade/articleshow/67702636.cms It shows that women experience: sexual violence, Lack of access to justice in rape cases, child marriage, child marriage, female feticide, rape and murder of female student Some of the recommendations that can be used by Organizations to mitigate defilement include: Close parenting of the children. Some parents are too busy for their children; they do not spend most of their time with their children which give room for pedophiles. Children feel left out if there is no close parented by their parents, strangers will start approaching them, entice them with goodies and finally take advantage of their innocence. “We should take charge of our children and this include our boys too, spending time with them saves a lot and more over being their friends” Reporting defilement cases Most defiled victims do not report because of fear of being stigmatized by the society. There is always a help line that every country has when faced with the predicament. Photos of the clothes worn during the incident act as evidence, the pace where the incident happened should also be taken into consideration. Mentoring and taking about the topic ‘RAPE' Through mentoring children will get to understand how best to tackle and handle the whole incident if it happens. Mentoring also help in mitigating the moral decay that is in our societies. Victims will feel comfortable talking about their incidences if given the platforms with an aim of reducing the cases of defilement. Publicity. Social media can be used to end defilement cases e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In schools drama, films can be used to mobilize against defilement. Publicity helps in rebuking, warning and educating against rape cases. 50% of the world can access any social media platform which is an advantage that can be taken. Constitution legal acts http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2006/act/15/section/3/enacted/en/html There are strict rules and regulations that the government has that should be followed to the latter A person who defiles a minor between the age of sixteen and eighteen is liable upon conviction for not less than fifteen years A person who is defiles a child between the age of twelve and sixteen is liable upon conviction is liable for not less than twenty years. Drawing from the contemporary cases of child defilement, the safest place that a child can be is in the Lord; initially it was in churches until the men of God turned out t to be pedophiles.

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May 27, 2019 4 years ago

She has a strong desire, zeal and morale of being successful, but she does not know the exact strategies, plan and formula that she can use to become a zealot. Most of us have watched movies,read books that have motivated, challenged and ignited the sleeping mode in us, movies like queen of katwe, the Spud, me before you, war room, Honey and the midnight son, they spur us and give us the intuition " you can make it", ''believe in your self', ''work hard pays" and still do not get satisfied! She love public relation and she must be more than the career itself. She longs to work in a big corporate firm, maybe a software company and bring a superb change, manager, she longs to be an ambassador of something or someone, she longs to advertise, she longs to make a firm outstanding and phenomenal, I think she is obsessed with it. Ideally she loves words, communicating,socializing, networking not forgetting laughing. She hates small talks and encourages suave talks Do you know what? she likes and would want to be a thespian too, not just any thespian but an outstanding one. she believes in success and prosperity. Her name encourages her everyday no matter the situation, it reminds her that that Edith, you are RICH and BLESSED and you have to fight for this so wake up,tie your safety belt and drive yourself to your desired destination, because you are more than a conquer, you are more than

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