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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Smith, I enjoy writing, poetry, reading especially, and making things come to life with my imagination. I have been dreaming to be an author since I was 8 years old. I am super dramatic when acting out scenes from a book or movie. I like to create using my imagination and bringing my characters to life in my books , even though I can't draw it on paper I still can picture it in my bright imaginative mind. People would describe me as intelligent, humorous, and creative. I describe myself as a rebel with a cause I fight for whats right like animal abuse for example. When I start selling books and other delights I'm going to save these animals from destruction by fostering and taking care of animals. By having hope and being brave I am hoping that I can end all world suffering.


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Hatshepsut the fifth pharaoh of Egypt and also the first female that will never be forgotten, but Egyptians wanted to erase her from history and they didn't want to leave a trace behind. It was found centuries later, but what we find special about her is truly amazing. Hatshepsut is the daughter of King Thutmose I. She married at the age of 12 to her half-brother Thutmose II. Neferure, Hatshepsut's daughter was a female and too young to rule. Before it was time for Thutmose I to take the throne, he suddenly died. His son was too young to rule. That left Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut's wanted her people to respect her as Pharaoh, so she wanted to be portrayed as a male with a beard. She is one of Egypt most successful pharaoh, also had the longest reign ruling for 20 years and 1500 BCE. At first Hatshepsut was a co ruler sitting by her husband side's as Queen. Hatshepsut as a pharaoh Egypt grew. She built temple Djeser djeseru and conquered new lands. Hatshepsut died in 1458 B.C. There was a theory that her step son Thutmose III tried to erase Hatshepsut from history by destroying monuments, statues, hieroglyphics, and artifacts. Thutmose III was finally put on the throne. He was very hateful of his aunt. Even when Thutmose III tried to ruin Hatshepsut monument and erase hieroglyphics about her we still found out about Hatshepsut and she is truly amazing. As time passes we might find out more about the queen who became king.

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