Farheen Ali

Student, Author

Patna, India

Farheen Ali is an Indian author and a 1st year History Honours student at the University of Patna. Being a Fauji brat, she grew up in different cities across India and changed schools six times until she reached 12th grade. Her maiden book 'Born & Raised On A Go' got published in 2020. If not writing, she can be found watching movies, reading, painting or simply gossiping, like any other teenager and considers herself a decent photographer. She plans to explore more in-depth about the world of writing soon.


What is more deadly, a gun or a thought? Perhaps not the gun. Because a gun just gives you the opportunity, it is the thought which actually compels you to pull the trigger. - With the same Gun, a 'thought' of using it for professional shooting can get you medals for you & your nation whereas a 'thought' of shooting someone can make you a murderer and bring humiliation. - A gun has limits whereas a 'thought' is limitless. THOUGHT IS POWERFUL. - A 'thought' that he could conquer India through Russia led to Napoleon Bonaparte's worst ever defeat. - A 'thought' that something had to be done to pause the 2nd world war led to the atomic bombings of two highly populated cities and caused huge destruction. So yes, a thought is more deadly because it is the reactant, rest all are its products.

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Men need to be empowered more!

Mar 18, 2021 1 month ago

Feminism- A term which is widely misunderstood. Some people believe that feminism is synonymous with the upliftment of women. In actual it is the belief which is related to equality where everyone is having the same rights and opportunities irrespective of their genders. Feminism is not something where you focus on females only. Males should not be neglected either. In actual they are the ones who need to be 'empowered' and taken care of more. When you are sending your daughter to school, to self defence classes, music classes, sports events, etc. don't pat yourself on the back just yet. That is you doing your bit to 'normalise' the idea of women in traditionally male spaces. You need to do the reverse as well. Make your son do the dishes, fold the clothes, arrange things and cook a basic meal. This will 'normalise' the idea of men in traditionally female spaces too. This is something which is far more important. You see chauvinistic men in the society? They all are there because of their third class upbringing. Males especially young boys should be given more attention so that they grow up to become better human beings with gender equality in their mind and respect for everyone in their heart.

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Baking A Cake

Feb 20, 2021 2 months ago

If you want to achieve any goal in your life. There are the same steps which you need to follow when baking a cake.🎂 1) Choose a recipe. 2) Clean up the kitchen. 3) Get the ingredients ready. 4) Bake 5) Wait Now how can we implement these 5 steps in our mission? 1) Choose a recipe - First you need to find out what you truly want to do. For example, I wish to write something for my post. So the cake which I wanted to prepare is this post. 2) Clean up the kitchen - One has to be sure what to do and what not to. So I just cleaned up my mind and removed all those thoughts and emotions which were disturbing. In general, make space for the mission. 3) Get the ingredients ready - The ingredients which were required to 'bake' this post were words, thoughts, ideas, etc. 4) Bake - Just do it step by step and you will find yourself done with baking the cake. I wrote the content and posted it on my page. 5) Wait - After the cake is ready, you offer it to your family members and wait for their reaction. Just the way I am waiting now for you all to read this post and give your review. At the end, the cake is baked and the goal is achieved too. ✔ PS: This is what we prepared for my parents' 19th wedding anniversary.💞 (In the picture, it still had a little bit of decoration left.)

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The Fauji Brats

Feb 17, 2021 2 months ago

You can take a fauji brat out of fauj, but you can't take the fauj out of the brat.

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All That Matters

Feb 11, 2021 3 months ago

Because at the end of the day, all that matters is YOU.

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