Художник, геймер

Самарканд, Узбекистан



I am 18 years old I live in Uzbekistan hobbies Cycling, reading books, playing sports


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With the beginning of quarantine, my life has changed quite a bit. My daily routine, my attitude to certain things, and relationships with people close to me have changed. In this letter I want to talk more about how my life has changed quarantine. At the very beginning, when they just announced quarantine, it seemed to me all frivolous. I thought that we would stay at home for a maximum of a week and our life would not change much. But I was wrong about this. Distance learning turned out to be extremely uncomfortable for me, because it is difficult for me to study the material myself. It's much easier for me when the teacher and I go through the topic, because you can ask a question if something is not clear, and not understand it yourself. But home schooling was not the worst for me. The hardest thing is to be at home all the time. I do not have enough live communication and my friends, so I almost always go depressed. Although we communicate on the Internet, it will never replace communication in life. I also really miss the school, in which something interesting was constantly happening, for my classmates, with whom I had a good relationship. I miss music school, because music is my favorite thing! But in quarantine, in addition to the minuses, I also found advantages for myself. Although homework takes 50% of my time, I have much more free time. I try to use this time to good use. I began to read a lot more, watch movies, make music and just devote time to myself. Indeed, in ordinary life, I rarely had time to make at least one of this. I would also like to note that quarantine gave me time to think. Time seemed to slow down a little, and I had a moment to think about a lot and better understand myself. I sincerely hope that all this will end soon and we will return to our former life. Do not be ill! And try to leave home less, because it's better to sit at home a bit than to stay in a hospital for a long time.

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