James Rasco

A passionate, albeit unpolished, fledgling writer

Quitman, United States

Hello, I hope that the day has found you well. The odds of you finding me amidst this sea of activity is slim, dear reader, though if you have, I wish you all the love and fulfillment you can stand. Regarding myself, I am a licensed vocational nurse who is currently taking a sabbatical in pursuit of my passion for storytelling. I live in a small town in East Texas. I am a foodie and amateur home cook. While I spend my days working on my novel; I spend my evenings cooking and listening to audiobooks, watching terrible television shows with my life-partner, or playing TTRPG's with family and friends. I have created this Biopage profile for the sole purpose of entering one their infamous writing contests. Be on the lookout for my entry into the fray, so to speak. And if you feel I have earned your support, I will most certainly welcome it with gracious thanks.


Jan 18, 2023 1 year ago
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