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My Life During the Pandemic.

Jul 26, 2022 1 year ago

In 2019, a new threat to people's lives emerged. It was a disease, which soon turned out to be infectious and acute. It spread from one country to the other and became a major danger for the population of the world. Of course, it wasn't too long until the virus entered the territory of my country and began planting its roots here. Covid-19 wreaked havoc and caused massive strains on the people, changing their lives and affecting their physical and mental health. And I am no different to others. At the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, the people of my country paid little attention to the news. They believed that it was just a random virus that would disappear soon and were not concerned enough. But, as time passed, it mutated multiple times and caused an international pandemic. That was when my parents became worried about the future. As they are doctors, they understood that one day, this illness would enter Uzbekistan and started taking action. We were one of the first people to start wearing masks and using hand sanitisers regularly. My mom and I bought a huge supply of those, as well as other necessary daily products that could become expensive in a short period - certain foods (onions, carrots, potatoes) and medicines. Fortunately, our preparations were not vain. As my parents predicted, the price of essentials soared as the virus started spreading in Uzbekistan. Its transmission was quick and deadly, as lots of people did not care enough about their health and did not take any protection. For that reason, it was not long until our government imposed strict regulations on group gatherings and made wearings masks compulsory. However, these measures were not as effective as the government intended. So, the country entered a nationwide lockdown, forcing people to sit inside their houses and only leave them for essential products. During the quarantine, we spent our time together as a family and were engaged in different activities. My mom cooked us something special every day, keeping us fed and healthy. My dad organized interesting events, such as drawing competitions and training camps. Other than those, we did lots of fun things and never felt tired of or bored of sitting at home. Everyone understood that positivity was necessary during those harsh times, and tried to cheer each other up in some way. We trained, watched movies and shows together, played football in the yard, cut our hair ourselves and did our studies online. So, everyone stayed positive or, at least, tried to do so. For me, the period of lockdown was beneficial. As I did not attend school and did my studies online, I had plenty of time to work on myself. I improved my English, participated in different contests, and started training. But most importantly, I found my future profession - programming. After we installed wi-fi in our house, I quickly found out about it and became interested. I watched tutorials after tutorials and even signed up for a course on Mobile Development. Soon after, I was already engrossed in this field and started some projects. Furthermore, I finally started reading - the one activity I never liked before - and discovered a whole new world for myself. During the quarantine, I finished lots of literature and started reading self-development books. To sum up, the lockdown was vital for my future, as I found my route during that time. However, it was not easy for my family to be completely isolated from the virus. Even though we tried hard enough not to get infected, it got us - with me starting the cycle. I got ill and recovered quickly, as I have a strong immune system. Unfortunately, though, I infected my parents and siblings, and my parents had a hard time defeating the illness. It became hard for them to breathe, move around the house and do other daily activities. I, with my siblings, tried to cheer them up, spent more time with them and motivated them to fight the disease. Thankfully, the dark times were over shortly, and my parents recovered their health. They were happy and thankful that they finally defeated it and soon forgot about it completely. After some time, the number of new cases started to decrease throughout the country and finally, Uzbekistan overcame the first wave of the pandemic. The long-awaited end to the lockdown came, and we finally got to meet our dear ones and start our normal lives again. My parents started working, me and my siblings started attending school. Even though we became used to living our lives in isolation, we eagerly adjusted ourselves to the old way of life and carried on with it. This is what the pandemic was like for me and how I lived through it with my family. In my opinion, we lived a peaceful and happy life during the lockdown despite the evident dreadfulness that was present in our country. I am grateful that we lived through this crisis and think that our actions and preparations paid off well.

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