JD Greyson


Urbandale, US

I am a free spirit who loves to breathe passionate purpose into each of my pieces. I run on copious amounts of coffee, conversation, & compassion.

You can find my thoughts on Twitter & Medium, where I enjoy interacting with others to encourage growth & positivity.

If you are a poet or just love to express yourself through written word, I'd love to have you join us on Fridays for #PBF, which stands for Poetry Battle Friday. I wanted to create a space that encouraged creatives to inspire & be inspired by poetry. The idea is to encourage interaction amidst social media that invokes emotion, thought, & reflection.

More than anything, I desire to inspire!

On Social Media

#PBF Topic: Whisper

Jul 10, 2020 1 month ago

These whispers inside my mind Like bees Pollinating Imagination Into Possibility Unlocking potential With creativity Limitless gateways Hidden inside me My mind, the doorway Innovation the key This honeycomb of treasure Of my Artistic Individuality

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#PBF Topic: ATOM

Jun 12, 2020 2 months ago

I see All the things you don't see & All the things you don't want me to see And I still love you, Unconditionally Like an atom You & I share this space Of oneness As our souls are indivisible I am the proton To your electron Together, We are in balance

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#PBF Topic: FOOD

Jun 05, 2020 2 months ago

My lips--parched Longing to be quenched By the scattered drops Of your presence I gave you All of me Only to Receive Mere morsels, Bits of breadcrumbs Left along the way Leading me back to myself Devotion devoured Detoured by deviance Until one day I took back my power

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Darkness tearing at my soul Like a thief in the night Stealing away happiness and joy Coldness spilling across my body A blanket smothering me with Doom despair and injustice I long for a beacon of light To repair my soul For I am blinded by darkness Begging to be set free

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May 15, 2020 2 months ago

This travesty How dare they, I say! How dare they deny me my right to eat all the foods, all the ways, all the time! INJUSTICE! I cry! Never mind my thighs! Nor look at my belly The way it swooshes & sways I'm hungry always!!! I say! Death to those who don't obey!

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