JD Greyson


Urbandale, US

I am a free spirit who loves to breathe passionate purpose into each of my pieces. I run on copious amounts of coffee, conversation, & compassion.

You can find my thoughts on Twitter & Medium, where I enjoy interacting with others to encourage growth & positivity.

If you are a poet or just love to express yourself through written word, I'd love to have you join us on Fridays for #PBF, which stands for Poetry Battle Friday. I wanted to create a space that encouraged creatives to inspire & be inspired by poetry. The idea is to encourage interaction amidst social media that invokes emotion, thought, & reflection.

More than anything, I desire to inspire!

On Social Media

#PBF Topic: ATOM

Jun 12, 2020 3 weeks ago

I see All the things you don't see & All the things you don't want me to see And I still love you, Unconditionally Like an atom You & I share this space Of oneness As our souls are indivisible I am the proton To your electron Together, We are in balance

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#PBF Topic: FOOD

Jun 05, 2020 4 weeks ago

My lips--parched Longing to be quenched By the scattered drops Of your presence I gave you All of me Only to Receive Mere morsels, Bits of breadcrumbs Left along the way Leading me back to myself Devotion devoured Detoured by deviance Until one day I took back my power

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Darkness tearing at my soul Like a thief in the night Stealing away happiness and joy Coldness spilling across my body A blanket smothering me with Doom despair and injustice I long for a beacon of light To repair my soul For I am blinded by darkness Begging to be set free

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May 15, 2020 1 month ago

This travesty How dare they, I say! How dare they deny me my right to eat all the foods, all the ways, all the time! INJUSTICE! I cry! Never mind my thighs! Nor look at my belly The way it swooshes & sways I'm hungry always!!! I say! Death to those who don't obey!

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#PBF Winner Topic: FREEDOM

May 09, 2020 1 month ago

Planted in pain Rose in flame Watered with blood Alas Freedom How fragile is Your flower bud #micropoetry #rhymester

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