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Bukhara , Uzbekistan

Actually,I am forthcoming English teacher . Story writing is my hobby.I have written stories and poems since my childhood.Be honest, I don't just write stories, I live in them .I always want to live in wonders that's why I began to write stories.My stories reflect my dreams and feelings.I think every person who writes story or poem has special gift and I am really glad to have my this kind of gift .

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If you have a chance...

Jan 17, 2023 1 year ago

I wonder, if you have the chance, would you return to the past that you know or the mysterious future that is unknown to you?! The bright future has always been interesting for us, but we lived our precious and unforgettable memories and childhood in the past... I wait for your answers on the comment 👇

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The cry inside me

Dec 30, 2022 1 year ago

Four years ago my mother and father told us to move to another house. I was sad because in this condition I would have to give up my favorite school and my classmates,despite my resistance we moved to a new house.A new life, new school and friends were waiting for me. On November18 I went to my new school for the first time and they welcomed me well. Day by day I got to know my classmates better and we became real friends but there was one boy who always made me angry and always argued with me on every issue. Every day did not pass without a fight with him. We were against each other like Tom and Jerry. Unlike others his eyes looked sad. Monday .It was a physical education class,when we were talking with the girls,we talked about that boy who always made me nervous. His name was Emir. Since I am new to this class I didn't know full information about the children. The girls say that he lives with his grandmother, there is no information about his father, his mother is abroad .At the time his parents had loved each other very much but their family was against it, and they decided to run away and go abroad . His mother returned after a few years with a child and left the child with her mother. That's how Emir grew up without a father and a mother. I said to myself, I understand why his eyes are always sad. The next day it was a math lesson then the teacher gave us a task and I solved it first and showed it to teacher, he praised me,I solved task correctly. Then Emir said that I used the phone to solve the task . Hearing this slander, I couldn't help myself .I was so angry I told Emir that you shouldn't tell such lies, your parents did the right thing by leaving you, suddenly the class fell silent,everyone was looking at me and him. At that moment Emir's eyes filled with tears, he immediately left the classroom. It was very big mistake I realized. That day I came home from school in a very sad state,my conscience could not let me rest, I hurt his heart. The next day I went to school in a sad state and first I looked at Emir, he was still sad, his head was bowed, I went to my seat without saying a word and thought: now I have to apologize to him and I thought again he was the first to slander me so he should apologize first . I did not dare to apologize to him every day. One day his best friend came to me and said: he loves you very much ever since you first came to our class, he always tried to make you nervous because according to him you are more beautiful when you are angry, he thought that if he got on your nerves, you would pay attention to him. He always came to protect you, but he could never tell you that he loves you, he never had the courage to do so even that day he only said it as a joke to make you angry, but you took it seriously. He didn't expect this from you, that's why he has been unable to come to his senses for several days he even stopped eating. Hearing these words, I cried uncontrollably. I realized that I made a big mistake. I promised myself that I would go and apologize to him tomorrow. I cried and fell asleep.I woke up in the morning and was getting ready for school. My mother came and said that COVID-19 was detected in the country, that's why the quarantine was announced. I was shocked, after all, today I have to apologize to him, but it is not known how long the quarantine will last. My heart could not be comforted until I told him what was in my heart. Every day I was in torture, I wanted to send him a message on the phone, but I wanted to tell him what was in my heart by looking at him in those sad eyes. Every day the number of victims of the virus in the country was increasing, the situation was getting worse. But I didn't give up hope, school will start one day and I will apologize to him. It was Sunday. I woke up later that day, and when I went out into the yard, my mother came to me and said: your classmate is dead, I was shaking and slowly asked which classmate. My mother: Emir!I don't remember what I did, I lost consciousness... After a long time, I opened my eyes in my bed, I became a lifeless person, tears flowed from my eyes, but I could not say a word. My parents were worried about my condition. Later I found out that he experienced the most severe stage of COVID-19 and died due to a weak immune system after suffering from illness for several days. I hurt him so much, I could never forgive myself for that, I couldn't even apologize to him. Months passed, the quarantine ended! The quarantine ended, everyone was happy, people missed each other and went to visit .On the first day after the end of the quarantine, I went to the cemetery, found him and asked him for forgiveness on my knees, but it did not comfort me, a cry remained in my heart until Judgement-Day. Every person should appreciate every day and make good use of time. If you want to do something, do it now, if you want to say something to someone, say it now, because tomorrow may be too late!



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