Jon Robert Quinn

Recording Artist, Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker

El Dorado Hills, United States

Born in Lakenheath, England, Jon Robert Quinn is the creator of JRQTV. Building JRQTV, Jon Robert Quinn is hands-on by writing, creating, filming, and producing quality and entertaining content for viewers across the globe. He is also a Best-Selling Author for The Cold Call King series, an accomplished recording artist, an Award-Winning talk show host, music composer and producer.

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Best-Selling Business Author and JRQTV creator Jon Robert Quinn brings something special to IMDB for entrepreneurs and small business professionals. The Ultrapreneur is a new television series showcasing stories of the trials and lessons from real people striving toward success. Episode 1 premiered on January 11th and tells the story of The Money Tree. There is an ancient Chinese myth that if you have a plant in your place of business and you take the time to water that plant, it will bring prosperity to your business. Jon Robert Quinn breaks down the metaphorical thinking and explains how to apply this philosophy to real life. Each week, new episodes will air on IMDB with new lessons and stories of success from top professionals from around the world. Jon Robert Quinn has spent decades not only building businesses of his own, but helping entrepreneurs do the same through personal one-on-one coaching, his radio shows, podcasts and business books. He has written over a dozen books selling copies all over the world. To stream The Ultrapreneur on IMDB, visit https://www.imdb.com/title/tt25988228/

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