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Simply put, I like creativity in any form, it reveals an aliveness and an activity of the brain and heart that God gave us. I am on a limited budget, not a limited playground. I may not have some advantages as others, yet I am not at any disadvantage. I have traveled and lived in six different countries as a missionary and humanitarian. I currently live with and care for my 90 and 93-year-old parents I also have extensive lifestyle experience as a mom and grandmother with lesser experience as a great-grandmother. I chose my pen name to reflect what I want to identify with. I am joy-filled, navigating through this life by faith. As a Christian, I set my course on the path that has been traveled well and by many; following the voice behind me that is saying, "This is the way, walk in it.


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Aug 01, 2019 1 year ago

As some of you may know, these last 2 1/2 weeks have been crazy. Breaking both my elbows has put a "crink" in my activity online and virtual reality here at home! On top of all that I have been gifted a new laptop because my old one is defunct and I am currently unable to access anything from it. I am very thankful for this new gift and will baptize it in a river of words that will sail me into the sea of expressions and literary bliss. And- there I go; forecasts - fair weather ahead!

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Vive La Difference

Apr 18, 2019 1 year ago

It's only been about two and one-half years since I began writing this little piece on the wonderful function of my 61-year-old brain! I've spent about half that time - leisurely, of course, trying to remember where I saved it. I really wanted to submit it here for you. It is brilliance in a poetic form describing the urgent, unstoppable wave of words crowding and crashing on the shores of this small and uninhabited island of "Blank Pages." But sometime between then and now - a seemingly insignificant train of events and details blew across that same shore, scattering the words like tiny ocean pebbles found on northeast beaches - into the sea of forgetfulness. So, feeling a bit like Robinson Crusoe stranded on this desolate island, I try to gather anything useful from the debris washing slowly to the shore! I am completely frustrated to find myself at this crossroad so soon in my life. The eighties and nineties are the span of years when I expected to arrive here; not my early sixties! You think you are years away when suddenly, "The Elder Life" road signs are looming formidably close. Growing older is definitely not for the faint-of-heart! Each day seems to emphasize a new frailty or spotlight something not clearly defined yet clearly not to my liking. They are like rude interruptions to the ebb and flow of my days. Today is a bookmark from yesterday and the day before and the week before that. I can not seem to move forward. Does my mind need some kind of mental walker or wheelchair to get around? No way! I can not, no, will not just passively breathe my creativity into an arthritic state. Now, I know there are some things that can help with the physical changes that come as the years roll by. Why can't I find something that will stop this "brainiacal" fog that wafts in and out of my thought life? And yes, I do know that I just created this word "braniacal," proving that there is still something going on upstairs! I know you all understand what I mean by that word! Now, where was I? Ahh yes, change is inevitable with each birthday I celebrate. Some changes hail their presence without invitation, settling down as if they belong here; creating a nuisance of intractable effect. Wish I could build a wall keeping the caravan of changes out! Yet, I am learning to live with them and create my own changes - like this "twice-born" article. "Vive la difference!" Change can be good.

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