Judge Santiago Burdon

Life is a hostage situation. No one gets out alive

San Jose,, Costa Rica

This Is Judge Santiago Burdon

The Odyssey of Judge Santiago Burdon begins in Chicago, Illinois, the City of Big Shoulders, as Sandburg called it in his poem "Chicago". He was born during Mayor Richard Daley's first days in office and Eisenhower's first term as President.

His father named him Judge, hoping he would pursue a career in law. He had no idea his son would end up appearing in front of so many.

He attended Universities in the United States, England and Paris, directing his focus on Victorian literature.

Judge Santiago Burdon's short stories and poems have been featured in over one hundred Magazines, On-line Literary Journals, Podcasts and Anthologies.

His first book "Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild Cautionary Tales" was published in January 2020 by HST Press. His next book is a collection of poems, ``Not Real Poetry" published in July 2021 by Steve Cawte, Editor of Impspired Press. Arthur Graham, Editor of HST Press will be releasing "Quicksand Highway" more short stories of adventurous mayhem in September 2021. Judge turned 68 last July and lives modestly in Costa Rica.

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