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Seeing a World Without Prejudice

Jan 07, 2021 3 years ago

It is distasteful to see that in this Great World of opportunity, that free man is not very free but constrained to the pigment of their own skin. It is a sin to see; a greater sin to be, in the grocery store, a hub of all colors of man, filled by those clutching their purse tighter, workers who see “foreignness” and refuse help, and by those who see color and speak slower. It was my eyes that saw this, as they and them saw, the criminal punishment of skin and the prejudices that act on it. Humanity is on the brink of a race war because of the unjust constitutions and prejudices that are violent towards people of color; internal, external, or otherwise. The state of the world, now and henceforth, is determined by the social bodies' treatment of racial minorities. With riots, police brutality, and retaliation these violent means will have violent ends. I have pondered my thoughts on race endlessly, weighing in numerous perspectives, even consulting with a friend of mine who is a professor of Film Studies at Harvard. My dear friend quoted “The eyes, chico. They never lie,” from Scarface. I was struck so deeply with a wonderous idea. The eyes could never lie. That we all know. With lawful reasoning, my course of action is reserved so that the cattle of slaughter may not be slaughtered at all. In modern conditions, a person sees and acts, as a racist may see and furthermore act out of prejudice. It all begins with sight. I now propose to you my solution which I believe could be provided with no reasonable objections or qualms and that is to remove the eyes of everybody. I have been assured by the experiences of many blind persons that they show a great expression of gratitude and egotistical judgment is non pervading. For those who cannot see, cannot judge. Grace yourselves with my lovely idea and we will come to see a gentle future. Upon 3 or 4 years of age, when entering school hood, the eyes of a person would be ritually removed. And then a blind life shall begin. Without vision, prejudices could no longer be acted upon. This would bring children to an open, free state of mind and the judgement of humankind would be reliant on character only. Ego gone. Enlightenment will be ours. It has come to my attention that this idea may be a violation of human rights, but this single one would come to be the solution to many other human rights violations against people of colour. It is simply one evil to lessen another. There have been many other issues. Without eyes, many liberties would be taken such as seeing wonderful places, being able to function in everyday life, and surgical needs. Luxury travel would no longer be needed since there is nothing to see. Everyday life would be lived as the average blind person, functionable and able-bodied, to assume it is not would be ableist and friction against society. Surgical needs would be fulfilled by robotic software, of course. Other necessary functions such as crossing a street would be assisted by Aipoly V7, allowing the blind to understand their surroundings. We would survive without sight. Troublesome at first yet us humans will persist. We must, it us our nature to survive and adapt. Evolution has ensured that many, if not all, animals rely on sight to survive, including humans. The only exception is those who no longer need it, such as deep-sea creatures, who have no need for eyes in dark unseeing conditions. With advancements, now it is humanity who no longer needs it. Our sight has made us the most blind of creatures. Close your eyes, dear reader, for a moment. Without vision, we would also not be able to conceive of the idea of race. We would be free of judgements that create barriers amongst society. People would be judged by how they think and talk rather than how they look. The removal of eyes would liberate more than just that. No concept of gender, no classist judgement, and so much more. For we cannot see, but is that all man proceeds? Is it not laughable that we find flaw in everything? Perhaps we would begin judgement on the basis of voice. Follow me, or do not, we are blind either way. Is that not funny? Ponder this solution. You will find it does greater good than harm. Many other atrocities would also concede. Trafficking of humans would lessen, use of hard drugs, discrimination, and many other societal faults. My proposal offers relief from the constraints of humankind. It would be chaos, but beautiful chaos at that. Racists would have nothing to squander about. So, I say, out with our eyes and in with a new, kinder world. Where race and discrimination are concepts of the past. A world without eyes. A place where all of us, metaphorically and unironically, can see a world without prejudice.

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