Musicophile, Wanderlust and Nature lover.

Chennai, India

My name is Keerthi. I am a student of grade 12. I love reading, playing and traveling. I've started to read books. And I have a goal to read atleast 5 books a month. My biggest dream is to travel the whole world. Hope it works! 😉😉



May 28, 2021 7 months ago

A joint family.Many cousins.More laughter.The more,the merrier.It was March and I was in school preparing for my board examination with my friends.I was happy that time.They love me a lot.It's great if you have one or two true friends rather than having fake people who pretend to be your friend.Suddenly,there was lockdown all over the country.I was worried.No school.Can't meet friends.I thought the world was coming to an end.But at the same time I was so happy because I can't go to school.After fifteen days or so,I started to exercise with my brothers.I also watched a lot of movies with my cousins.We played a lot.We also played our version of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts (inspired by James Corden Show).Thank God I was asked simple questions.There was also talk about my sister's marriage.My favorite time of the day was talking with my grandpa after exercising.My day wouldn't be complete without it.I love him so much.Meanwhile me and my sister opened an Instagram account and started to post quotes written by us.I discovered a lot of English songs and grooved to them.Life was not perfect yet it was beautiful. I started to love my life and myself.I learnt many things about life.Like letting go of the grudges we hold against people,appreciating everything in life and mainly being happy with what we have.And so many.My board examination was cancelled.Hooray!! My sister got married to the love of her life on June 12,2020 in quarantine.Older people of the family went to her wedding.The saddest thing was me and my cousins were not able to witness her marriage .Everyone was so happy in the family.On the night of her wedding she bid farewell and left for Bangalore.And after that,same routine.Watch movies.Exercise.Eat.Sleep. It sounds mundane to some people to follow same routine everyday.The afternoon of June 12,my dad had fever.He thought it might be coronavirus and so he isolated himself in a room.Never allowed any of us to go in.He had no symptoms.It was just a normal fever.He was perfectly alright.After 10 days my aunt also had fever.Shortly after 3 days or so my cousin had fever too.From her the fever was spread to my cousin brother.And from him,to my grandma and onto my grandpa and uncle.The first time,my grandma was alright.But the second time she had fever,she was not able to sleep due to suffocation.It was at the midnight of July 4 that my grandma's condition became severe.My dad and uncle called many hospitals.All had the same answer "We don't have enough beds.Sorry sir".At the morning of July 4,my grandma got ready to meet doctor.On her way to hospital she passed away.All of a sudden I heard someone crying.I rushed to the hall and my mom said to me, crying, that grandma has died.It was an extreme shock.We all thought that she would go to the hospital,come back and take rest for some time and be alright.But we didn't expect she would die.My grandpa was so devastated.Immediately my grandpa took COVID test.We were all mourning.All were heartbroken.The hospital told us they would give the body the next day.Fast forwarding to next day,my grandpa was tested positive for COVID.My grandma's body came to the graveyard at around 4.30 P.M.My mom,dad and everyone except kids went to the burial ground.We kids were not fortunate enough to even see her body.That night my grandpa was admitted in a private hospital.The next day,July 6 we all went to take COVID test.We didn't say a word to grandpa about this because he would be scared even more.The tests came and 6 members in our family were tested positive.They were home quarantined.The only communication with our grandpa was through phone.At first the doctors said his condition was alright.Later they told us he was in ICU.And again they told us he was good.My grandpa lost his wife.We shouldn't have left him alone.We should've been with him,comforting him.But what if my grandpa is home quarantined and the same situation occurs as compared to my grandma.He was so well before going to the hospital.After 12 days my grandpa passed away.He left us.My heart was crushed.I even thought if this all are real.I lost hope in almighty God.I was angry on him. But everything happens for a reason.It was hard to not to think about their demise.It was hard to move on with our lives.Every second,every minute was hard to move on.Grandparents are the pillars of any family.Now my family has lost two strong pillars.We always don't appreciate the value of a person when they are alive,when they are around us.We realize their value only when they are gone,gone to a new place or gone away forever from us.We will keep regretting every single action of ours towards them.Death is natural.We are born one day and we must die one day.Nothing is permanent.Life is too short to hold grudges,to be angry at someone,to not forgive someone.Forgive someone even before they ask you to.Love unconditionally.Value relationships.There is only one life.Let us live life to the fullest not wasting any minute of it.

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