Khadija Shopina

Banker, Creative Writer, Entreprenuer

Mombasa, Kenya


Khadija is an ambitious, hardworking simple young lady. Her biggest dream is to be a re owned Famous Business lady and an Author.

In her middle life she went through a lot and almost gave up in life. Being the first born of her mother, she undergone different types of tests in life. She was a day dreamer and used to take things simple and easy. Having a positive attitude she thought everyone was like her. Thus was hurt so badly and these experience made her move forward. She became more strong and she would like to encourage everyone like her.

Her favorite quotes:" I will shine on tomorrow light the way for all to follow in the darkness i will shine, I will shine on forever take my chance now or never in the darkness i will shine".

That's Khadija ! open to everyone.


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Jul 11, 2020 3 months ago

Sometimes you feel so bad that you give up on life. No matter how many times you fail never lose hope, stand up and start again. Keep your spirit up! You will surely win because all this wont last long. Its just a matter of time. I remember there was a time that i went through a hard time. I became so depressed i felt that the world has turned against me. I felt lonely in this world, no one could understand me. I wished i could get someone who would comfort me. I forgot that their was someone so close to me who was ready to give me whatever i wanted. I didn't see him even he was right beside me.

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