Khadija Abdi

'Put Allah first you'll never be last"

Mombasa, Kenya

I was born in Mombasa, Kenya. I grew up there and finished all my studies there. I moved to Mogadishu later on where I proceeded with my further studies and am working. Life in Somalia is different compared to Kenya. I went through a lot and got a lot of experience which made me move on. It also made me love writing. I wanna share all my experience with everyone.

Her favorite quotes:" I will shine on tomorrow light the way for all to follow in the darkness i will shine, I will shine on forever take my chance now or never in the darkness i will shine".

That's Khadija ! open to everyone.


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Early marriage to girls

Jan 05, 2021 3 years ago

Every girls dream is to have a good life and be successful. Successful can be defined in many ways. I came through a lady who was my co-worker and I asked her, what she knows success as. She told me, is having a good husband who loves, respect her and take good care of her. This was her mind-set and I respected it. I had no objection on it because we all don't think alike. To her that's what being successful meant. What this lady told me made me think a lot when I was alone. The next day I went to ask her what she meant. She told me her story I couldn't believe my ears. Everything seemed as if it was a dream but no it was reality. She lost her mother when she was nine years old. Her father had to marry another wife to take care of him and his children. Her step mother used to treat her so badly, she made her do all the house chores. She never felt bad or hated her stepmom. She loved studying a lot but this was cut of on one occasion. Everything changed when she experienced her first monthly period. It was on a holiday when her stepmother took her to their hometown. She thought that she was going to visit her close relatives. Little did she know what was in stored for her? Her step mother has planned an arranged marriage for this young girl. What about her education? All her dreams was shuttered into pieces. What she could see ahead of her only darkness. She had no other choice but to accept the marriage. She got married to her close cousin whom she has never met. The wedding happened so quickly and she was taken to husband. They stayed together for three years only, she was later on divorced. God blessed them with two kids a girl and a boy. The girl was left heartbroken. The foundation of their marriage was not strong that's why it didn't last long. In every relationship you need to have a strong foundation or else it won't last long. She went back to her father's house with her children. The ex-husband wanted to take the children away from her. She refused because they were young and she wanted to raise her children herself. She didn't want her children to go through what she went through. At her father's house things didn't go well because he wasn't able to provide for her and her children. She went everywhere to look for a job so as to provide for her family. Looking for a job was not easy at all because she had no certificate. Everywhere she went the first thing they would ask her was her education. This made her feel so bad. She later on got a job as a cook. She was paid $3 daily, it wasn't enough but she was happy that she could provide for her children. She used to cook for builders who were building houses. The work was temporary as soon as the building complete there is no work. She later on got a job as a housekeeper. She worked well, her employer praised her a lot. She was a very hardworking lady. One evening as she was heading home. She got a call from someone and she was told that she was hired as a cook in a five star restaurant. Her main work is to cook for employees. Her basic salary was $150 dollars per month. She was so excited and thanked god for this blessing. When she reached home she gave this news to her family. Everyone was happy to hear this. ‘Hard work pays'


Plagiarism Impacts

Jan 02, 2021 3 years ago

Plagiarism is taken as a crime in many institutions around the world. This act has been condemned by many scholars claiming that it is not right to steal or copy someone's else work. There is a many reasons that make this student do it. But what is the main reason for this? There is no answer to this question. Some say maybe its because the student didn't know that it is illegal or they want to acquire easy success by using others work. Some students do it without knowing. But the law doesn't look whether you did it intentionally or accidentally, a crime is a crime. The punishment to it is very severe and many students regret it after getting the punishment. It might lead to being expelled from the institution or getting no grade. "In most serious cases, students appear at hearings behind closed doors" (Kelly Heyboer). Many authors have lost their names and value after being accused of plagiarism. It is a very bad and sad thing. I remember seeing one of my schoolmate doing plagiarism. She was told to write a book for a lesson in her class but she didn't like writing. She was forced to write the book because without writing it she wont get some points for the final exams. She had no other option, she had to copy and write the book. This kind of act was not good and I don't support it. She was lucky that she wasn't caught doing it. This is because some countries don't investigate or punish Plagiarism. She wasn't caught here but her days are numbered. If she does this again in another country that condemn Plagiarism, she will regret it. According to me what I could do to avoid Plagiarism is that I will write what is in mind. Believe in myself and my work. Be proud of whatever I write, do more practices and work hard to improve myself. Because what I believe is that what's yours no one can take it from you and their is nothing that will make you happy than seeing your work done by you. Even if its not good improve yourself, we learn from our mistakes. No matter how many times you fail, stand up again and continue from where you left. In a matter of time you will win. You will never regret it and you will be proud of yourself.

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Internet influence on Kids

Jan 02, 2021 3 years ago

Internet is been widely used around the world and the majority of the users are children. It has made communication easy and fast to access. Internet has both negative and positive effects on children. “Blessing and curse are just like the two opposite sides of the same coin”, (Avik Sarkar). The positive side of the internet on kids is that they get the chance to widen their knowledge from lecturers online. “Using the internet for study increases the knowledge and that increases the confidence of the students,” (Pramela). On the other hand it has negative effects if not controlled by adult. Some of the effects on children is poor health. You can find a kid sitting in front of a computer for a longtime playing games. This may cause the kid to have poor sight and among the video games some have negative effects. It can lead to having aggressive thoughts, feeling and behaviors. In order to stop this we need to come with measures that would be good to the society. Like educating the kids on the advantages and disadvantages of internet in a good way so that they understand. Adults or Parents should give their kids a limited time to use the internet and control what they watch all the time. There are many ways to do it, this is just an example am giving out. By doing this we will help the kids not to go astray.

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Dec 01, 2020 3 years ago

Sarah was a young beautiful lady. She was ambitious and very social. All her life she spent alone writing and reading novels. One afternoon, her dad came and told her that they were moving to another country. She was very excited about this news because it was her first time moving out of her birth land. Her parents and siblings were excited too because they were moving to their ancestral land. What an adventure it would be! Finally, she's going to meet up with her relative from her father's side. The long-awaited day arrived and they all went to the airport excited. Sarah took a deep breath as the plane departed, she said goodbye to her country. A new life awaited Sarah and her family. They didn't know what was in store for them.

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Jul 11, 2020 3 years ago

Sometimes you feel so bad that you give up on life. No matter how many times you fail never lose hope, stand up and start again. Keep your spirit up! You will surely win because all this wont last long. Its just a matter of time. I remember there was a time that i went through a hard time. I became so depressed i felt that the world has turned against me. I felt lonely in this world, no one could understand me. I wished i could get someone who would comfort me. I forgot that their was someone so close to me who was ready to give me whatever i wanted. I didn't see him even he was right beside me.

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