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Nicosia , Cyprus

I am a graduate of University of Cyprus, Faculty of Humanities and of Frederick University, the Faculty of Law (LLB) which i practice. I speak French, English and Greek. I enjoy reading, writing and philosophy as well as getting to know other cultures.

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A Message...

Jan 30, 2021 2 years ago

Dear..., i will not be home early tonight. Stop. Urgent meeting. Stop. Left food in the oven. Stop. Kids must study. Stop. Call you later. Stop. Xxx. Stop.

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A note

Jan 24, 2021 2 years ago

His glass of wine untouched on the table. A moment ago, he could still smell the perfume of wild cherries of his chardonnay. He run at the door as quickly as possible. There it was. A note..."not again!" he murmured.

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The sacrifice of being you

Jan 17, 2021 2 years ago

I have chosen the specific title for my text today, following my thoughts on a philosophical matter i kept in mind, which i would like to share. As we are born free human beings in life and we feel that no one has the right to interfere to our affairs or personal life or thoughts and beliefs, we need to be ourselves. Aren't we? Then why do people adopt other people's opinions or agree with them, with such easiness, just to be liked by them or gain their confidence? Do they feel being themselves when they act in "hypocrisy?" Don't they see the fact that they are sacrificing themselves and their ideals? Isnt it a better sacrifice to be yourself? Do you need so much other's approval?

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A "half" conversation

Jan 16, 2021 2 years ago

-last night i had a dream. -..... -i dreamed i was a butterfly. -..... -nothing. I stood still... -...... -the window opened... -..... -freedom!

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His blue eyes

Jan 15, 2021 2 years ago

She only wants to be as close to him as ever. That's why she gave it to him. Little did she know that the portrait would not be at his home now. Why? The question mark remained fatally as she looked at his blue eyes...

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