Leela Mahesh

High School Diploma Student

Hyderabad, India

Leela Mahesh is one of the fortunate kids to get selected to the DexSchool Class of 2020. DexSchool (Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship) is a platform of Dexterity Global, a 21st-century leadership movement powering the next generation of leaders for India and the world. Organizations around the world like Forbes, The Rockefeller Foundation, The White House, United Nations, The World Bank, The Obama Foundation, WSJ, CNN, and many more have invited, awarded, and listed Dexterity Global for building next century leaders.

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World's Favorite School

Jul 31, 2020 3 years ago

He wore the uniform and was about to leave home. His mother was preparing lunch in the kitchen whose beautiful smell had filled the entire room. They rushed towards the bus stop to catch the bus on time. After the kid boarded the bus, with a sweet smile and a tiny hand, he waved to his mom out of the window. She waves back at him, with a huge smile watching her kid going school. He enters the school campus, searching for his class โ€œIV-Bโ€ on the ground floor and finds it finally. He enters the classroom, hoping that he'll learn many new things there while watching many smiles like his everywhere. There are two things many kids will be eagerly waiting for, one is for the PET period and the other is for the last bell to ring. When it happens, Children rush like horses out of the classroom from all the directions. And controlling children at that moment used to be a nightmare for teachers. At the end of the day, he reaches home, leaves his bag on the floor, and goes on to play for some time. After sweating for an hour, he sits down to complete his homework for the day. While I was completing my homework, a man opens the door and walks in with a tired face and low shoulders. Dad always used to be tired after day-long work but that moment, he seemed different. And as days passed by, he had been deteriorating each day. After all the tests, he was diagnosed with end-stage Aplastic Anaemia. Doctors said he had very few chances of survival. At the door itself, I heard the beeps of the machine that were monitoring him. The little beeps, their own Morse code, his body trying to talk through the pumps of the heart, the churning of fluids in his stomach. I could not help but look at my father lying there sleeping, powerless, while mom sat by his side, radiating sadness. As a 9-year-old kid, I never guessed that something like this will ever happen. My mother doesn't want my studies disturbed, and so, forced my grandparents to take me with them several miles away from the hospital. I left two things there, one is my parents and the other's my world's favorite school. Joined in a local school nearby, I was struggling with my life leaving my parents behind. It was so tough for me to handle these things. After a year-long pain and misery, he was out of danger and I'm out of bad days. I assumed I'll be back to normal, but I'm not the same person as in the old days; the reason is that I've grown stronger than before. My story is part of the great universal story, where millions of stories are still hidden in our own streets. After all, the world's favorite school is not the school you study, but your true self because you are what you think you are!

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