Kushal Chakraborty


Alipurduar, India

I am Kushal Chakraborty from Alipurduar District of West Bengal state of India. I born in 16 September, 1992 in Alipurduar Junction town pin number - 736123. I am a B.A graduate in Arts stream with general subjects like Political science, History and Elective Bengali. I pursued my undergraduate degree from University of North Bengal in 2013. I have also completed two computer certification courses in Information technology and Financial accounting system from Youth computer training center (6+6) months.

I like to write poetry and short story and wants to enhance my skill. I love photography especially wildlife photography and also a passionate cartoon sketch artist. Thank you very much.


Story of a cat and a wise dog

Mar 21, 2022 2 years ago

Once upon a time a cat lived into a place with majority of dogs approximately thirty. He felt very scared of them at first but still didn't leave the place. He then finds a way to makes friendship with them. He daily used to color his poop like a bone looks like. He then sends this to every dogs each month. Dogs used to first smell it but they ate it still without knowing it was dirty. Months after month dogs were eating cat poops without knowing truth. Cat was very happy because they don't disturb him now. The dogs were happy and the cat also was happy. Then one day a dog who was not aggressive on him noticed him doing this. He noticed that cat was coloring his poop like a bone look alike. The dog asks him “why are you doing this instead of using me to make them friends and become a lovable fruit?” The cat said “we are different species so I thought we can't be friend and they were aggressive.” The dog said “I never told you anything neither I have shown aggressiveness to you.” The cat said “I was very scared so I didn't ask you for help.” The dog said “a friend in need and a friend who loves and help others can always be friends regardless of differences of species.” The cat said “yes you said right bro when I gave them that poop 15 of them were happy because they were starving.” The dog said “that's what I am saying bro because you fulfilled their stomach with your never mind disgusting poop which is a basic need.” The cat asked the dog “why didn't they understand that I was sending poops instead of bones because poop is not hard as bone?” The dog said “if they were that wise they would never give pain to you because you are just a little newcomer cat.” The dog again said “we can be friend bro if only when we will help each other in bad times because a person probably selfish one always remembers his friends who can help him.” The cat said “you are right bro but I can't tell the truth because they will be angry.” The dog said “they will be much angry if they find out that you were giving poop instead of bones.” The dog said again “A person is great when he confesses his guilty and only a wise forgives a person who is guilty.” The cat said “you are very generous and wise. I am just thinking why I haven't asked you before.” The dog said “You just asked me so don't get late. We quickly need to tell them or they will get sick in future. Go hurry.” Then the cat left with the dog to confess his guilty to Dogs. The dogs were angry but the wise dog convinced them and they became friends again.

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