Build the world by your own observations, not by others'.

Kolkata, India

Hi guyz! I am a 17 year old teenager from India. I am in love with mathematics, physics, philosophy and many more things.


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Where fog meets the trees....

Jun 23, 2019 5 years ago

Taken by me in March 2017.

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Kindness, just kindness

Jun 13, 2019 5 years ago

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain Once upon a time, someone had asked me about what I would like to do to change the world, to improve it and make it a place worth living. It was my reply, that time, as a young boy, that I would end the lives of the bad people and restore peace again. Little was I aware of my awful thoughts back at that time. Standing today, it takes me seconds to realize that I had made a folly. Violence, destruction or ending someone's life can never act as a solution to a serious problem. It would rather aggravate it, arouse more and more hatred in others' mind and would further induce the ill feeling. Thus, as a solution, we have been provided by the noble quality of kindness . To me, kindness lies not only in being a mere good fellow or being friendly or considerate. It means a lot more. Kindness is the manifestation of love, harmony, peace and beauty in individuals. It is not an ordinary quality attributed to us, the mere mortals, but indeed a divine one. To be kind is our first and foremost duty as an individual, living on this earth. The quality indeed has an omnipotent position in life. The quality of kindness is magical. A man is a man who he is, with all his achievements, success, failures, shortcomings, frustrations and ambitions, but above all these qualities of kindness ushers totality him. A true kind man is loved by all, by all and most importantly valued by all on this earth, just as we value our natural resources like water and trees. But this quality need not be present in everyone right from birth. The quality of kindness shines like a golden crown on the person possessing it and makes his personality more luminous. It has to be embedded in a person right from the beginning of his childhood. The lesson of growing up as a kind and caring person must form an integral part of his upbringing. No doubt humanity is at stake in this cruel world. I, as an unimportant 17 year old lad from one of the world's largest and most populous country, have tried to figure out a solution to this problem. Loves goes into the making of a society as flour goes into the making of bread . To love and to be loved, to be kind and to meet a kind person, to respect someone and to be respected gives a truly enigmatic feeling. There comes moments in my life, when peace combines with immense satisfaction and joy. Something truly magical takes birth inside me and I feel, can I transform this world? I know nothing on earth is a solo effort, but by being kind towards my friends, my schoolmates and every single soul surrounding me, I feel I have been a part of something, something special. According to me, the journey of creating a kinder society should begin with shaping the minds of the newer generation in a more refined way. In terms of behavior, they should forget to discriminate between their closest buddy and the person they meet once in a lifetime. They should come out of their limitations and embrace the world with the eternal and evergreen feeling of love. I am very sure that if such is the case, we would progress by leaps and bounds. People should also have exposure to the revolutionary works of poets, philosophers and writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Pablo Neruda, Bertrand Russell and many more. The world belongs to us, the human beings and in this finite world of pleasure, sorrow and hope, kindness brings us infinite pleasure and adds a divine meaning to our mortal lives. I end my essay on a note of hope. I firmly believe, somewhere in the future lies that red letter day which would revolutionize the world, eradicate all miseries and restore into it love, harmony and kindness. Kindness in words create confidence Kindness in thinking creates profoundness Kindness in giving creates love Lao Tzu

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