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Hello people. It's the red girl.

Yerevan, Armenia


A young, enthusiastic girl who is ready to take new challenges and engage in new activities. I'm a person of heart and soul. I write a lot because I want to transmit my feelings and emotions.


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You smell like love

Jul 11, 2020 3 months ago

And yes! You smell like love.  ‘You are beautiful just the way you are, you are great, amazing, you are fucking awesome, you are my heroine and my treasure. You are my life, the meaning of my existence' others would say. But to me you are the real love. You were the only one who didn't seek to change me and the way I see the world, the one who came into my life silently and got her special place. Since then I'm filled with bright colours and this fascinating chain of high emotions have been dominating me. They remind me of love, of you, the fact that you smell like the real love. Honestly speaking, I've anosmia for years. I can't differentiate smells, yes, that's true: I'm deprived of perceiving adours and unfortunately I don't know whether something or somebody is fedit or aromatic. I can't tell exactly what's the smell of fresh air, hot coffee, black tea, field flowers or that green grass. I can't smell people, their odour is covert: I can't even find where it comes from. See? I'm the unluckiest girl in this universe who has got anosmia. What I'm sure about, though, is that my respiratory system is able to recognize the smell of love.  The very first time I met you I didn't know you would become the only one who would be able to incite me to have specific feelings not just emotion fluidity. I didn't even know whether I would see u again, talk to you, look into your eyes and smell your type, your  personality. You are more than enough, you are more than fabulous, more than me, more than us and finally you are definitely more than the most powerful attraction! You smell like the real love but you are more wonderful and more beautiful than the pure feeling of love. You know, the concept of love is somewhat spoilt. I have to create something extraordinary for you! Yes, you are … you can be my universe and I will get to learn the smell of the Moon, the Sun and all the stars. I'm blessed to be the one in this whole world to see you, to have the chance to look into your eyes and ... and just BE ME without any fake expressions or feelings. You are my real happiness and the beauty, you are just mine, my only lonely love, my inspiration and my whole soul. You are the best person ever happened to me. You symbolize my whole respiratory system as I've anosmia but I know quite well that you smell like the real love! 

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Hello, world: this is us!

Jul 08, 2020 3 months ago

Chapter 1 I open my eyes and…I'm not at home. I'm in a different room with beige short walls. The first thing to grab my attention, however, is the dark green watch on the left wall. The colour reminds me of an oak, the symbol of…There is a small silver metal-framed bed, a bedside table with a glass of water on it, a brown wooden chair, a TV that is switched on, but it doesn't work. I'm hearing some sounds produced by the TV. They're killing me. My head is exploding; there are echoes inside my head. I take my head in my hands and scream․ «What's happening? What the fuck is going on? Is this real? Stoop! Stop it! I'm not able to keep myself under control…» -No, no, no. This isn't right. Where am I? Why I hear these sounds? I'm standing in the middle of the room struggling and someone enters. It's the nurse and I no longer feel any pain. She grins to from ear to ear and asks how I feel myself. «MY GOD, I'm in an asylum, I'm in an asylum. I'm mad; no I can't be mad, no!» -I'm fine, I'm great. May I ask you why I'm here? -My dear girl, you were almost dead when you were brought you to the hospital. I look at my hands: they are bandaged. -I don't understand anything or maybe I confuse something. What happened to me? -You tried to terminate your life. You cut your veins and have lost much blood. -What day is it? -It's May 22. -What? It should be May 21. It was my birthday yesterday and the 1st anniversary of our relationship. The nurse looks at me astonished. -Yeah, the 1st anniversary. We celebrated it together. I remember it vividly: we were in a wonderful restaurant but soon he got a call and after some minutes he told me he had to leave the country as soon as possible. He didn't tell me why he just went. And I came home. -I'm sorry, honey. However, it's still May 22 and I'm still worried about you as you attempted to commit suicide on your birthday! -I didn't, okay? I adore my life and I'm fond of myself. I'm a lecturer at the university at the age of 28, I'm about to publish my first book, I have the perfect partner in the world and I… -What about children? -None. I can't have children. -Infertility? Are you sure Miss… -Miss Black. Yes, I'm sure. When I was 17, I got into a car accident and was deprived of the ability to have my children. -Then this will surprise you: you lost your child, Miss Black. I'm sorry. -You're kidding, right? That can't be true. I…no, I can't have children, I can't become a mother and I don't want to be one either. -This means you can, dear. But don't worry, you will still have children. As for now, please, take these pills in an hour. I will come back later. The nurse hands me 3 and leaves. «What the hell? This proportion of information is too much for me». I run to the bathroom, throw the pills in the toilet and look in the mirror. -I may be nuts?! Shit, this should be an outrageous joke, someone got to be kidding me, maybe they wanna scare me or teach me a lesson. Ah, anyway this isn't true. I don't believe these theories, no, no, no, no, noooo․ I drank some water and sat down on the bed. -I…I should go back in time to understand how I appeared here. When I got back home yesterday I was so nervous I drank a little red wine, then I watched TV and finally decided to sleep. But I wasn't able to shut my eyes immediately. I was rolling over in the bed, having a weird feeling inside my stomach and belly. It was neither the butterflies, nor my periods starting. I had the impression of being punctured. I was moving all the time. At last, I got up, went to the bathroom to wash my face to refresh me. I stared at me in the mirror and noticed that my skin colour was brighter than ever. While examining my face skin, suddenly I began to cough. It continued for two or three minutes and when I spat, there appeared some blood in the washbasin. I spat much more blood, but hopefully it ceased soon. I gazed at my face again and this time I saw a corpse. I was horrified. I cleaned the washbasin and washed my face. The cold water refreshed me a little so the pain in the stomach and belly didn't bother me anymore. Besides, my mind almost resumed working properly. I went to bed again and didn't think of anything else. I simply dropped off. -I'm curious about what happened then. I opened my eyes here. I'm in total confusion. My emotional state is gradually deteriorating and I'm almost going insane…ah, I think I'm already insane. -Someone, look at me. How miserable I am. I can't even remember how and why the fuck I hurt myself. Why on the earth should I have done that? Somebody, tell me. I need help! And indeed someone speaks in my head telling me that I have cut my veins for him. But that's way too primitive for me! I wouldn't do that because of what happened. It wasn't that big of a deal. My life is more precious․ “Let yourself get some rest and go to bed”, my inner voice whispers and I obey it.

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