Faradjy Augustin

Remember who you are and what you deserve!

Miami, United States

Hello! my name is Faradjy! I'am a senior in high school and I am 17 years old.

I enjoy reading ,writing and singing.

I like psychology and I’m passionate about business.

According to my family and friends I have the potential to be a motivational speaker as I am good advisor and a great leader . Which are all grace up to me. Glory to God! I love people and I do care about them.

I am a very optimistic person, very confident and always think that good things gonna happen to me . Since God said :"I know the plans I have for you , things to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ."

I am fond of learning new languages and cultures.

I like fashion and sports.

It is always a pleasure for me to help and encourage people in positives things .

I enjoy laughing and joking . I enjoy little things in life and this is the meaning of happiness for me.

I love life .



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There are so many things that you can do . Unfortunately you ignore them . For example I can write this in English . Which is what I'm doing right now. But I tried to write it in French and creole before. Because I thought I would not be able to . But look! I'm doing it and it seems pretty good to me.\n\nwhat does that mean?\n\nThere are certain things that you can do ,but you ignore them because you limit yourself . By thinking that : you can't, you need someone else's help,it's too much for you and worst... And this, without even trying.\n\nYou are worth so much . Your capacity is bigger than what you think. Give that chance to yourself to try without someone. Stop doubting yourself and believe that you are better than the average.sometimes ,look back to remind yourself how much you can accomplish . Think about a \\"congratulation\\" someone told you ,something you said or did that made someone smile , to see how great and worthy you are.\n\nI used not to talk nor participate in class just because I knew that I just came from Haiti and I didn't speak English as well as the other students did. I never thought about the purpose that they put me in ESOL3 while they knew I just came from a different country which speaks a different language.\n\nNow I see and I'm saying , it was because they saw I could. Being here for three or four months didn't mean that I couldn't speak nor write in English. But That's what I thought and I was wrong.\n\nWe always think that it's suppose to be like everyone else.\\"If he\she can't .Neither can I\\". \\"If he didn't, how can I?\\" That's not true!\n\nWhat if we said: \\"If he did, so will I\\"Because there are people who succeeded as there are some who failed . Why don't we look for the ones who achieved it instead of those who didn't or couldn't?\n\nThis is the way we have to think to see our capacity. And don't wait, DO NOT wait for others to believe it . Believe it because you know you really can . Not because I'm saying it . YOU have to know it.And the only way for you to know that is to try .\n\nTry without fear.\n\nNo,try even if you are afraid . Because I promise you will not regret it.\n\nGood things come to those who wait . But better things come to those who go out and get what they always got!\n\nYes , what they always got . Because as I already said, You already got it. It is just a question of knowing it . And once you know it ,appreciate it, work on it, and develop it.\n\nI will keep saying that you already have all . Don't wait for anybody to tell you that.\n\nThat's simple , If you do what you always did , you will get what you always got. And if you don't value your times and talents neither will others. Stop giving away your talents ! Start charging for them!\n\n\\"The one who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world ,are the ones who do.\\" I read:\\" Life is not about finding yourself . Life is about creating yourself.\\"\n\nYour problem is not the problem . Your reaction is . Now, what will be your reaction? better still, what actions will you take? Will you take one?\n\nDon't forget , YOU DESERVE THIS! So try! Try until you do.Try until no errors . Try until it works.Try until you're satisfied.\n\nAnd Have fun!

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