Invisible death

Jul 01, 2022 1 year ago

Plan 1. The plague that shook the whole world 2. The period of Covid-19 3.Work has been done during the pandemic The whole world is full of advanced technology and medicine, and at that time, when it has reached its peak, an invisible plague suddenly captured the whole world. These days have been left in people's minds as a historical event. For a while, medicine and advanced technology failed to do so. The plague was named Covid 19. His homeland was China, and it quickly spread to other countries, causing panic. The plague soon reached to our country too. Then, the news about disease began to cause panic among the people. It was an unforgettable day for the whole world and for Uzbekistan as well. The whole world, including Uzbekistan, had to declare a pandemic to prevent the disease from its spreading quickly and by March 16, 2020 schools, kindergardens, stadiums were closed entirely for two years, as a result of lockdown. The goal of the quarantine was to protect the country from spreading of COVID-19 until a vaccine was found. Our people are always supportive and kind. The actions during the pandemic can be a good proof to the mentioned above statement. When the majority of people were out of work, others helped to satisfy their needs. In other countries people were intimidated to get vaccines for high amounts of money, whilst our country provided free cure for residents. Also Uzbekistan create a number of conditions to us e.g students and do not let us to stop studying. Thanks to some measures taken by our country, we were able to overcome this plague. I'm so proud of living there, in loving country.

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