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Hello there! I am Sania, a student from India. The corona virus pandemic bought many ups and downs in everyone's life, and in my case, it made me realize my passion for writing which always existed somewhere inside me, but was long ignored due to the hectic race of life to cope up with. Long story short, am just another human being trying do better in the best way possible. I hope you enjoy my work. Have a great day ahead♡°♡

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Dec 19, 2021 2 years ago

I am a lost human heart, Imprisoned in the foul dungeon of man's dictates; I am tied with the chains of earthly authorities, Of the dead, forgotten and laughing humanity; My tongue is tied by the worldly fairs, My eyes are empty of visible tears, My laughs are wrecked, My hopes are high, All I want is to fly and fly.... ~Sania Mukadam.



Nov 07, 2021 2 years ago

KIM NAMJOON ONCE QUOTED “NO ONE IS BORN UGLY, WE JUST LIVE IN A JUDGEMENTAL SOCIETY”. Hello, I am Sania and today I am writing about something that we all have experienced, are experiencing and am sure will keep on experiencing for the rest of our life, Racism. So what exactly is racism? If you ask google it says “The belief that some races of people are better than others” but if you ask me I personally think it's much more than that. All the human race has experienced so many episodes of Racism in the form of color discrimination, and the chain doesn't stops there, its not always about the color people are racist about, Asian hate is a very burning topic nowadays, every day dozens of Asian-African people are killed in America for the sake Racism in a country where they consider as their very own. And its not that its just the common people facing it, we all know about the Meghan-Oprah interview where, the duchess of Sussex opened up about the poor mentality of the so called Royal family where she was continuously humiliated for not being a royal and in addition to it, white. Or whether it be the worldwide famous and beloved boyband BTS being called corona-virous by a German talk show host just for the sake of their increased popularity among the youths not just in their very own Asian country South Korea but also in this whole world. Passing homophobic jokes to the ones in such groups or the continuous misogyny that Women belong in kitchen and they can't drive, they are all the part of some poor Racist mind. And the incidents I am talking are just mere minute microscopic examples of Racism present among us. What we don't understand is it could be any of us some day or the other. Just keep yourself on the place of the little girl you just bullied for her color. Isn't it devastating to be shameful that is very own, ours. Making people feel bad about their own color, caste, creed, skin, hair or anything? You may argue that a simple non intentional joke with a friend wont be considered as Racism, but believe me my friend it is. Every journey starts with a single step and non intentional harmless bullying is a way good first step. Racism is destroying lives and we see it, everyday, yet we don't know how to react. Maybe because we are the ones who made the differences. We celebrate black history month to celebrate the brave one, but black! Isn't that Racist guys? Its just like saying “oh am not racist, I have a black friend” Why can't we see them just as brave people and not brave BLACK people. I don't know about you lot but if you ask me, as once quoted by comedian Vir Das I think the only possible way to defeat racism is creating a difference, not just the moral one but literal one. The most honest, simple, non-judgmental, and naïve way of getting rid of racism is acknowledging our differences. Yes acknowledging them because we are different, aren't we? my hair is different, my color is different, my skin is different, my values are different, and its ok to talk about it. If we talk about the fact that we are different, and acknowledge how we are different, why we are different, instead of pretending that everybody's the same and nobody is different, and yet in the subconscious counting the number of ways in which we are different, we all might be on the same page of acknowledgement and be less, Different. “Imagine jumping out of a skydiving plane and your parachute doesn't work. What memories would flash before you? Now imagine the parachute opened. How differently would you act when you landed?” That same rush of happiness would be on the little girls face when you will go to her and acknowledge her difference, instead of just bullying her for being different. Before ending my words I would like to say that, everyday when you see someone hating themselves for the way they are, hating their ethnicity, color, culture, race or anything, just remind them that they are beautiful, that they are the best version of themselves. As Alessia Cara song says, "Oh, they don't see, the light that's shining Deeper than the eyes can find it Maybe we have made them blind So they try to cover up their pain And cut their woes away Cause cover girls don't cry After their face is made But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark You should know you're beautiful just the way you are And you don't have to change a thing The world could change its heart No scars to your beautiful We're stars and we're beautiful" Thank you so much and have a non-racist day ahead.

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