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I'm an inquisitive, open-minded, and outgoing little boy. I'm one of the young environmentalists who tries to save ecology. I prefer soccer and table tennis when it comes to sports. Sometimes, I am annoying, making too many jokes. Because sarcasm is half part of my personality.

Have a blog and vlog on Telegram and YouTube with the name "Ingenious". I would be glad if you visit.


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Animal rights are still rights!

Jan 06, 2023 1 year ago

"Going to the village showed me how naive a victim I am. The sheep attacked me. Fortunately, I escaped", said my classmate. My village-raised mindset didn't believe what he said, remembering childhood memories. Sheep were my bosom friends till I attended school. And I still appreciate their 3 qualities: 1. They're good listeners. Maybe they don't listen to you passionately, but they don't make any contrary point as well, raising your self-esteem. 2. They're good recommenders. They don't speak in a human language, or even their "ba-bas" don't match Morse's language. But sometimes silence speaks louder than words, allowing you to reflect on your actions, evaluate and conclude. 3. They're reliable. They don't gossip at all. Literally, I shared all my childhood secrets with them, yet I didn't hear anyone saying, "Oho, you little devil, your sheep said everything to me." The true friendship power encouraged me. I explained to my classmate that sheep never attack humans unless it is revenge. Thanks to my experience of about 5 years with sheep, I was sure about what I was saying. I carried on asking, "What did you do before the attack? Anything annoying?" He said he played with its lamb, separating mother and child. I felt proud when I heard those words. Not because I've proven that I'm right in front of the class but because I could advocate animals' rights the first time. Realization hit me: for me, animal values matter the same as human values.

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