Muhammad Danish Javed

A Traveller and Story Teller

Multan ( city of Saints), Pakistan.

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Life is a Journey from God to God (Rumi). This reality can be a myth for some people and some of us believe on it. I believed that it's a truth because when I believes it's a journey then my journey becomes easy because I start travelling according to my need (means my desires are according to my need). But when I preferred this world and start believing it's not a journey then my life Starts becoming a painful truth. Because my desires are more than my need. Just imagine these days people are suffering from ( Covid-19). So most of us think that their lives are destroyed due to this Corona virus because people can't achieve their goals ( Job, Education etc). So I (we) started to think that this is the End. But I think this is not the End. We have to change our mind Set . We have to think that ( job or Education) are small goals and these goals can be achieved again. But if they lose hope than it will be the End. And now we have to think that if this journey is really from God to God then what we all do when we see the reality then we have no time left ....just a wish to live again and spend a better life...! I experienced these things in these days and according to me it's a truth. But as you know these believes changing from religion to religion and place to place .And life's standard also changing. But ultimately every human being on this world believe on God in some way whether this way is true or not ... So life is a Journey and I pray ..May you all have a safe and Happy journey !!!!?? If you have any questions or suggestions .. you can comment ..👇😊

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