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Purpose of life

Jul 04, 2019 2 years ago

It's impossible to get everything, what you want suddenly. When you are sitting in your room or lying in bed and thinking about what you want new phone because all your classmates, has it, remember that in lots of country, children are starving and dying, they haven't got water, you always complain that you haven't got new iPhone or haven't got boyfriend, or you're in high school and you haven't got car when everyone has it, oh really? You think it's important in life? Oh no, if you think like that then you don't know what real life is. Instead of this you must do anything for surrounding people, you have to help them as you can, even little, but do it, this act will have good results in the future.When you have possibilities you must use it for good deeds, are the poor people (for example my family) whose haven't got much money but, they are helping others as much as they can. You must appreciate them. This does not mean that you should not think about yourself, first of all you must love yourself, your soul, your pros and you have to correct the cons. You must believe in yourself. I think that in life belief in god and believe in yourself is most important. Human can everything, if they have faith and sincere desire. (Jemal Qarchkhadze –The Georgian writer). I believe in God and faith in God help me to believe in myself, I feel that whatever I will want to do, I will do it. I take every step of faith in God. If your inner voice tells you that you cannot draw, then you must definitely draw and the voice will be silenced. (Vincent van Gogh).Draw and officially confirm with everyone (including yourself) that you are strong and you can do everything. The second but, also important is love, it's very hard to find true love. Georgian well-known writer, Shota Rustaveli in his poem Vephkhistkaosani writes about love. He says that love is a heavenly feeling, love is something different, not incomparable with immorality. There is a big difference between them. Love isn't when you are with one at the first day and with another in second day. This is just a youth's fun and nothing more. He must be patient and be humble with her and vise versa. Shota Rustaveli is startled when people love each other and they are trying to dishonor each other. I agree with him, this is true love but not everyone is lucky. In my opinion in love, understanding, complementarity, mutual respect and loyalty is important. The creation of human's personhoods, virtues and idiosyncrasies begins with the family. Family members are people, who most of all know you, support you and are always ready to help you. The family must be circle where you feeling yourself comfortable. Majority of attitudes and characters is formed in the family. The child looks at the behavior of his parents and repeats it. In most cases, child becomes like parents. For that they say that a child is a family's mirror.You can see it with yourself, look carefully how they try to be like them. This more visible is in childhood and more less in youth. Before you decide to create a new life, think about it well. Ask yourself the questions: am I ready for this? What kind of mother / father will be I? What example will be I for him? and etc. And now I want to tell you about my family. We live in Batumi, Georgia, I have one sister and one brother, I am older then they. We have different relationship than others. My mother and father have overladen graphic. They are working, for our bright future. I want to be like my mom, even with 1/10. My father is man who is very strong, kind, honest, trustworthy. They say that the first-born daughter is like her father, I agree with them. In the family where such imitable people live, how can we grow up like bad moral person or delinquent? My siblings and I are not propensity to violence, drugs, bad things, hate and this is the merit of our parents. We every day talk about our day, we giving to each other advices and often take in account them. Maybe, I always quarrel with my brother and sister but, I always protect them in public, and I don't give anyone the right to distress or oppress them. I want only good things for them, that's why I often give them notice and advices,they don't like that, but I think that it's my obligation and for that reason I'm doing this. Of course, in life we need success; it's your assessment of your work, the reward that every person deserves. Some will succeed soon, and some need a lot of time. The main thing is not to give up and work-hard. You can use way of Trial and error. One of the main advantages of success is education and education; Every person observes life from their side. You can choose what type of person you will be, everyone have their own choice and truth. everything will come by itself when the time comes, the main thing is that Don't lose your, kind, loyalty, faith, love, friendship, family for success, you don't need money for happiness.

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