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Love Beyond Doubt

May 28, 2018 2 years ago

My friend, my first love, my joy, my everything. I would have never accepted the fact that a woman would mean so much to mean. Allow me to introduce to you a woman who has been my back bone for a very long time. If you like the person i have become, then very big thank you should be her portion. I know she deserves more than thank but there is nothing in this world to compensate her effort better than a grateful heart. She sacrificed a lot than i could ever imagine. Some of these sacrifices, i have seen whiles i am yet to discover the rest. Through my victories, my desperate times, i resort to no one else but this amazing woman. I have gotten angry with some of your principles, but here I am in a whole different environment using and teaching your principles like i created them. There is no better name to call her then Mother, your cuddle kept me warm as a baby even though you were cold. Your words comfort me in times of trouble. And your principles serves as the light to my path as i journey up to a higher height. Thank you for the love and compassion. This has been critical to my growth. You are my inspiration, you stood strong during the storms. Even though I saw your scars, you kept a smiling face and kept assuring me, everything will be alright. I still wonder how you did it but hey, I love you than you could ever imagine. From your offspring.

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