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Nikki Cox born and raised in Irvington NJ, daughter of Loretta Doyle (African American) and Nevel Cox (Jamaican). At an early age Nikki knew she had a gift. The gift to make people laugh without even trying. Nikki was the youngest of three and since her oldest brother (Darnell Doyle) is fifth teen years older and (Joseph Doyle) thirteen years than her, she grew up in the house alone having no one to entertain but Barbie dolls and Cinderella. As she got older she realized that being herself was more natural then trying to tell jokes. Not only was Nikki funny but she was beautiful as well and began a modeling career working with agencies along the city. By time she turned sixteen she found another art and worked on mastering it as well. Music.

Nikki Cox later on started performing live all around the world. Her last show she opened up for Mario in Poughkeepsie, New York. She was labeled the hottest female rapper in New Jersey. You might not have known her as Nikki Cox. At that time her stage name was Cocoa Dior. She dropped a mixtape back in 2016 called "Business Before Pleasure". She was then signed under Hot Chick Magazine and FTB with a music and modeling distribution deal. As of today it is unknown if she is still working with then.

As she got older she began to realize she wanted more than modeling and raping. She began working on her comedy and acting career. She did comedy shows all across New Jersey, New York, and PA. She immediately made a name for herself which then opened doors for much more. She was premiered in Juxtapose Magazine and later on received the Funniest Comedian Award from Buddha Comedy Club NYC. She got her first supporting role in her first movie Time Matters (December 2018) and her next role in Color Blind (April 2019) She is continuously pushing her acting career and hopes to make it big time one day. Although she loves comedy and acting she has recently taken up a new craft as a writer. Nikki Cox is the Producer for new movie "Bad Girls" and "The Other Woman". If you would like to follow her success please follow her on Instagram original_nikkicox and Facebook Nikki Cox.

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Black Lives Matter

Feb 12, 2019 5 years ago

They got us black folks dying When us black folks trying Cop put a gun up to his head Now us black folks crying Then they sitting around wonder Why us black folks riot Saying a nigga had a gun You know us niggas ain't buy it I ain't lying This stressing on my chest made me defiant Now they want me to believe all lives matter But the black man tried to climb the ladder Then they shot him down on a silver platter All it do is make us madder Make them mothers even sadder And the worst part we got our hands up Screaming please don't shoot And they mad cause the black man don't wanna stand and salute Salute to what? A country that never gave a fuck Now we got a president that rather see more niggas in the morgue Man never mind, If you don't see the racism you color blind Stevie Wonder can see through this shit it's televised They tellin lies I seen this before with Rosa Parks in 55 Only difference is nah there's no difference we still dying But none the less I'm still out there with picket signs and I protest Meanwhile hate running through my chest And these white folks still want to put my patience to the test And all I wanna do is take a gun and rip bullets in they chest But I can't because God told me keep my head up and stay blessed Now another brother dies and the son that a mother has to lay to rest And the media tells me black people need to just hope for the best And something I forgot to mention 3 years ago the media said only uneducated women voted for Mrs. Clinton So what you tryna say I'm a black woman with no intentions A black woman with no intuitions A black woman that's too indifferent But if I say something to ignorant You might think it's to belligerent But really you wouldn't comprehend it Cause America to rich to wanna listen And I get it If I was white and rich I wouldn't give a damn about no black folks business But I'm Black and this my business To go out and make a difference I'm young black and educated 28 and got a business But for you that ain't okay So is it to ignorant for me to say the only people that voted for Donald J is Mrs. K Mr. K and little K that's a whole family of KKK all they do is want to slay another black man into his grave So we have to stay awake and just pray for a better day I mean we tried to change the world Maybe we should just try and save our state I mean vote for a better chief that would put police into they place I'm just waiting for that day I'm in front of Heavens gate And I get to ask God What happened back on November 8th? And he get to tell me America to scared to wanna grow We put money over respect And we forgot about our goals We forgot black people and white people we fighting as a whole Our skin may be different but what's same is our soul The blood running through our veins is the same as the rose And where we go after death good god heaven knows So we better make friends cause he ain't gone open up his door to that white power bull and no racist ass foes In my eyes we all the same But to you we at the bottom of the chain You rather call us out our name then to look at us the same You wanna take away our rights, and see our ankles wrapped in chains Even though I'm fighting for equality if you call me a nigger I swear that would be the day I'm starting to see change, or all this racism got me going insane because H&M went and thought blacks and monkeys were the same Now Gucci and Prada got a black face with a nigga name And Joy Villa thinks wearing a build a wall dress will make America great again The only great that I see is SEGREGATED Because you have whites on one side and a wall stopping the Mexicans So how can we open up our hearts when American doesn't want to let us in The way I see it, we need to learn how to love before America is great again!

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The Other Woman

Feb 12, 2019 5 years ago

Some of us believe true love is a fairytale. A lie or a figment of our imagination intended to only give us something to hope for, to believe in. We all find love some day and we convince ourselves that we love or in love but none of us truly understand the definition of Love. What is love? Is it an emotion, a feeling? Is it an idea blistered into this universe to give our hearts something to attach too. We all want to love or feel love however; we don't define our necessity of it. We pray to God to bring us a man or woman who loves sports, no kids, and decent job, well-endowed and doesn't live at home with their mother anymore. We pray for the realistic of love not what we truly fall in love with. We don't ask God to send us a God fearing man or woman who would die to protect me and their family. Bring me someone that will stay loyal and stay by my side through thick and then. Most importantly we forget to ask for that special someone to not already have a special someone in their lives. That's where I come in at. A 28 year old woman that has mistakenly fallen in love with a man that is already in love with someone else. I say mistaken however, it's not really a mistake when I already knew the situation I was falling into. Perhaps it was a mistake to have let it go on for so long, maybe that was a mistake. The heart wants what the heart wants and in reality if that man or woman is giving you everything you could possibly dream for we tend to not care about the other half of it. Is that person available to love you back to its entirety? Is that person ready to love you and only you? If you answered no to both questions then you're more than likely on the same path I am which is confused or maybe even torn between two realities. First reality, the fairytale that you're living in is the one that they make you feel like the only person in the world. You go out together, you laugh together, and perhaps the sex is out of this world. They are conceptual to your every wants and needs and you never have to ask them twice for anything. However, in the mist of living this fairytale you forget the true reality of it. You forget their heart belongs to someone else, you forget once they leave you they go back home to their husband or wives. While they get to live that happy life of having two people that please them, you're left with the indifferent feeling of love and hate. You love to see them come but you hate to see them leave. At the end of the day you know where they are going and there is nothing you can say or do because you can't control them. You convince yourself it doesn't phase you until that one day he or she is going on a surprise vacation with their spouse or you notice they're texting their lover more often at the dinner table. My favorite one is when they up and leave your home because of a Spouse's emergency. That's when the real reality kicks in. You're living in the reality of temporary love. You love for the moment but the actuality of things is, it's unhealthy for the both of you. It becomes more perplex now because your heart is in it and it doesn't want to let go. Although you know you should but you just can't. Trust me it's not your fault. Perhaps you're just like me. You've had one bad break up after another and you finally met someone that can make you feel happy again and show you not every man or woman is a monster. Although, they are already taken you don't care because of the way they treat you. As a person. You may even look at me as a scarlet Letter and judge me not by the person I am but by the words I've set forth on a piece of paper. You probably don't care about how I truly feel towards this man but maybe even feel sorry for her. In which I don't blame you because deep down inside I feel sorry too but, I allowed my heart to cloud my judgement and fall neglectful to her feelings or deceptions. In my eyes she feels no pain. Clueless to the situation but, for me I suffer the most. I convinced myself he loves me, wants to be with me, perhaps if we only met sooner in life that maybe things would have turned out differently but that's me living in that fairytale again. Reality we didn't meet sooner we met now and at this moment I have to live with the fact I'm still in love with another woman's man. I try to tell myself maybe he will figure out soon what he truly wants whether it be me or her at least he would then have made up his mind before more hearts are broken but fun fact they will never make up their mind as long as you continue to allow them to play your heart like a fiddle. Now you're left with two hard decisions. Do you continue to stay with this person knowing you are a temporary phase but at this moment he or she treats you like the only person in the world or do you go with option two and finally let go knowing you are worth more than what they make you out to be. I guess the true question that should be asked is out of the both of us which one is really the other woman?

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