My name is Njema Williams. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. My passion is dance and I aspire to be a professional ballet dancer. My other interests include history and writing.

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The Beauty that is My Rose

Feb 23, 2018 2 years ago

Rosie Wright, more commonly known by her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren as MaMa, is someone who many people have looked up to and loved for many years. She has provided love and care to not only her own children, but to the many generations of children that have come after them. One could always rely on MaMa for amusement with stories from her past, a song, or even a piece of candy. Whenever someone was hurt, MaMa always had a remedy. MaMa has touched many lives with her genuinely kind, wise, and lovable personality. It would be impossible for someone to meet MaMa and not see these amazing qualities in her. Just as a rose is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers, so is MaMa. Her greyish brown hair stops right at the tip of her shoulders. Her beautiful face, slightly wrinkled from years of life experience, displays much wisdom. She is not very tall, but she carried herself strongly and proudly. MaMa had a very delicate yet confident smile that could make anyone she meets feel joyful. She carried her joy in her heart and shared it with anyone who was willing to accept it. While her life has been far from easy, she did not let difficulties dim her spirit. MaMa could brighten up any room and make anyone who knows her feel fortunate to have her around. Anyone who knows MaMa knows that she took pride in her ability to be caregiver to anyone in need. Whenever MaMa pulled out her purse, the sweet smell of peppermint candies and fruity chewing gum filled the air. These pleasing aromas caused excitement and anticipation in any young child waiting to get a piece of candy. Family and friends alike delighted in receiving care packages filled with freshly baked muffins and cookies from MaMa simply because she wanted to brighten their day. Early every morning, MaMa would turn on the coffee maker and fill the entire house with the strong, enticing aroma of coffee. This coffee scent was always paired with the smoky smell of crispy bacon slowly browning in her cast iron skillet. These aromas bring back fond memories for all who have experienced them. MaMa's voice always had a certain sweetness to it. MaMa always referred to her grandchildren as “MaMa's sugar”. She also had a song to sing for any occasion. Whether it was right before bedtime, right before dinner, or just sometime during the day, MaMa would always sing a happy melody that could put a smile on anybody's face. Whether it be popular songs from her youth like, “Mule Train,” “Wake up, Little Susie,” or “Blue Suede Shoes,” MaMa would never fail to entertain young children and even adults with her singing. The rattling of her bracelet as she clapped her hands made for a nice accompaniment to her melody. Those sounds will always invoke happy memories. Whenever someone was not feeling well, MaMa was always there to help make that person feel better. Her gentle smile and warm hugs could make anyone feel a sense of warmth, comfort, and security. The feeling of MaMa's soft, comfortable dress soothed many small children as she gently wrapped them in her embrace. Amidst the feeling of warmth from her hug, there was also a slightly cold feeling right at the spot where MaMa's bracelet was pressing firmly into the skin of whomever she embraced. MaMa's care and concern made everyone she came in contact with feel comforted and loved. At the age of 83, MaMa was in a terrible van accident with her fellow church members, ultimately causing her irreversible brain damage. Shortly after her accident, she began to forget things about her past and started not recognizing people, including family. As years progressed, MaMa lost all memory of the things and people she used to know and love. While MaMa would normally take care of others, she now lives in a nursing home with people who take care of her. Certain smells, such as peppermint candy and coffee, are no longer associated with her except in memories. MaMa no longer sings melodious tunes and wears her stylish jewelry. MaMa's tender caress no longer comforts young children and me as it once did. Her gentle, loving smile is rarely seen. All that is seen now is a void where the sparkle in her eyes once lived. While these changes bring sorrow, I and those who love her know that MaMa's vibrant spirit and love for her family and friends lives within us all. My MaMa, Rosie, is synonymous to her name. She is a beautiful rose that has provided love and care to many people of all ages. Whenever MaMa would open her mouth to sing, everyone would delight in her harmonious tunes. Whenever someone needed a hug, MaMa was always there to swaddle them in her warm embrace. Over time, a rose begins to lose its petals and wilt away. In the same way, MaMa has lost many physical and mental capabilities. Although MaMa has lost some of her most memorable characteristics, we retain the most important part of her as a wonderful and loving mother, grandmother, care giver, and friend.

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