i am only allowed to breathe says he

nukualofa , tonga

I am a mother of one i live in Tongatapu the only remaining kingdom in the pacific .I love to write stories for children,i enjoy cleaning cooking at home.I work as a youth coordinator,peer educator and a photographer.I spend my days with my daughter enjoying the symphony of the pacific waves and enjoy the whales that visit our shores.I am truly blessed cannot ask for anything more

My best achievement in life is having my daughter and everything follows after.


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My thoughts on certain things.

Sep 10, 2018 2 years ago

i work as youth coordinator at a local NGO,and everyday is a challenge for me,my Tongan is rusted by all means,my cousin even spits back the ugly truth and its humiliating.I could actually have a mental breakdown...its cr'zee. But the great thing is i understand the language.My father never wanted me to learn Tongan neither hindu which is my mother's language,and at the age of 34 i am suffering my tongue is not fresh,so learning a new language is going to be a real struggle.I always insist on learning sign language it doesn't require too much tongue,just hand movements. And its really cool,everybody should learn this language it has no barriers for communication and its low in volume. So i watch SWITCHED AT BIRTH and learn some of the basic words.I am siting in my office and listening to my staff talk about colors for the uniform.I suggested scrub like pattern for the clinic but its also needed for the community,hoi...but still purple,now they also talk about red for world aids day.And a dash of ink for breast cancer month. All these important dates coming soon.Even yellow for children's cancer would be beautiful indicator for support.I guess that's all i can write for now.I am happy to say that this year has been quite the turn of events. when i was growing up i have always wanted to run away now i find ways to stay put,however the bees are still buzzing in my head - very busy brain i have.

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People with Disability

Jul 25, 2018 2 years ago

In Tonga our population is 100,000+ and only in 2016 our census recorded 96,000 people living with disabilities.One way or another we all have a disability that limits us from achieving certain aspects of life. It is easy to say i have this and that condition,but to what extent must we go to in life.We have to conquer our fears we all have to uplift ourselves from the worst.I am a diabetic and one day when i am not careful i can become blind and than i will be a number added to the census.But i want you to know that my other senses will still work,i can still walk,i can still hear ,i can still think,talk to the people that i love.We spoke of many things that limit the disabled group.I am working with one who has walking difficulties but the rest of his body works perfectly. So why must we continue to label ourselves? Well let us leave that to society and the people around us.How we the disabled are treated is just the reflection of the people and their upbringing,nobody seems to pay enough attention only when they w to be nasty.Disabled people are not aliens and if they are born with health conditions we must not classify them as special or curses to the family line,we are all capable of making our society a safer place.People living in mental asylums are the only people who i know need special attention.because their minds are in a phase they need severe attention they cannot think for themselves. I will advocate for people who need help to become better but i would not advocate for someone to sit and wait for a miracle to land on their laps.Thank goodness for high advanced technology to impair blindness and wheel chairs for those cant walk.Bravo and hats off to the providers who look after them and the strange hands that help them.For those who are blunt and discriminate please look yourselves in the mirror your minds are disabled too!!

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