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I remember when I used to dream about the things I wanted to become, but now that's gone because I met the reality. I saw the dark in the world when I was 8 and molested by a family friend and I kept silent soon my mom left. I remember I called her with the mindset to bring her home no matter what. "Mommy I miss you and want you to come home" is what I said when I heard her voice. She couldn't understand me because I started sobbing after she hung up I decided I would tell my father what his friend did to bring my mom home. She came home to bring me to her sister-in-law. It wasn't what I wanted but at least I was with her. We moved in with my aunt meaning I had to change schools. I was called things from slut to disappointing because I didn't stop the man that showed me how the world really is. I agreed with them. I still agree with them 5 years later. Now in the 8th grade, I realized I will never have the childhood I lost and neither will the kids who also had to see the truth.

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