Poetry as the Other Side of Your Personality

We live in an interesting period when every man and every woman has a chance to be himself or herself. It is the main reason for the diversity of hobbies. Nowadays you can be a builder and go dancing in your free time or be a teacher and go boxing after the lessons, while in the Victorian Times every man had to have either a masculine hobby such as hunting or enthusiasm for politics and a woman had to grow children and cook. I think it is awesome that we have so many opportunities for self-realization, because our world has become freer, more accessible and tolerant. My hobby is not so unusual as in the examples above. I love writing poetry. Poetry for me is a place where I can open another side of my personality. For example, my poetry is often about love or secret love, hard relationships and life, betrayal or something like that while in real life I am a cute small girl who carries a plush puppy in a backpack and has good long relationships with her boyfriend. Sometimes something wakes up in my soul or in my mind and I feel something to another boy or conjure up a remembrance about someone who was important for me and whom I can't see now. In this way, for example, I wrote one of my last poems about my dead granny. It was a weekend, I was walking with my boyfriend when I saw an old poor woman in the street who looked like my granny and when she began singing I started crying. I gave her some money and went away. When I returned home and was left alone, I remembered that situation and began crying again. At that moment inspiration came to me and I wrote my poem. This poem is entitled «Бабуля» or «Granny» in English and is about a hard life of every woman in all times, about disappointment in life and people who surround us. It consists of a small dialogue between a small girl and her old granny who had a picturesque life. The girl asks her questions about the meaning of the words «life», «pain» and «death» and the grandmother replies, recalling her whole life. When she talks about «life» she recollects laughter near the fire with her friends, roundelays, forests, voices that called to themselves and then banished her, how she tried to help everyone and find near and dear ones and how winters and voices were constantly changing. When she talks about «pain» she describes how her close people betrayed her and how she felt loneliness in a remote place without any man nearby. And when she explains the meaning of the word «death» she describes the same situation as mine when I saw that old woman: she speaks about an old song which can conjure up a remembrance about you in your relatives or friends mind and they will remember you and their heart will begin to beat more often. In the end of the poem the girl says that it is very difficult to be alive. This poem is one of my most favorite because it was written by a sincere feeling and this work makes all mature readers cry. Another poem of mine was a verse about a man whom I unfortunately fell in love with. This feeling worried me for a long time, about some months, and I often fell into depression because of this incredible love. It was impossible because I saw that he would never feel anything to me and I had reliable long relationships with another man at that time. The reason for writing was my homework in Literature where the theme was "courtly and impossible love" which was very similar to my then-thoughts. This work is entitled « Год, как сон» or «A year is as a dream» and every first line in a strophe of the poem begins with the name of the poem and then illustrates it, making a story during a year, where every season has its own significance. The lyric heroine of this poem is a young married woman of the Middle Ages, who falls in love with a knight. The story begins in summer, when all was amazing and there were no signs of trouble. Then autumn comes and a storm arises with the advent of the knight in our heroine's mind. Next comes winter, there is darkness in her heart and she wants to burn all things around her for him and for being with him. However, when spring comes, the storm calms down, her pain goes away, she loves her husband again, feels innocent and kisses the knight goodbye. The poem ends with the words «Наш год, как сон» or «Our year is as a dream» that means that she felt connection with the knight but she understood that this was a temporary feeling. My teacher appreciated this poem what was amazing for me because I did not believe in myself. In the end of the essay I want to say that a hobby is a very significant thing for every person which can help us to understand ourselves, our vision of this world and to find like-minded people, who will make our life brighter and more interesting. I think self-awareness and self-development are very important things and you shouldn't hesitate about your hobby because it reflects your individuality and if you change or hide it to please anyone, you will change and betray yourself in this way.

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