I have been thinking concerning this question or concept for the last 8-9 months. Which is what does the sentence "being right" mean currently. The reason why I am attempting to discuss is the well-spread cultural stereotypes and mindset in my country. There was a boom, when a boysband called ''91" appeared in the scene of our show business here, in Kazakhstan.The "boom" with negative shades. Just because they are different: their style ,way of singing, genre, which had never been up to that moment. People said "They should be ashamed being as if they are a part of this genre that they called "Q-Pop"". My mind was messed up as well, not because I considered it as others did, but I wondered why they could not just accept them. As a result I came across to the question, to which I have not obtained an answer from those "well-becoming part of society" until now. But is being different being wrong? The above mentioned fragment is inherited by me from the one song where it sounds as "Being different is not being wrong". Yes, I am certain that for those who live in Europe or in the North America's countries it might be weird and curious question simultaneously. But in most of muslim countries or where Islam is the main religion is tremendeously arduous to demonstrate for rest of them that you do not share the same sense of mind. Your taste, the way you think, how you dress should not be differed from them. If not, you are going to be an outlaw. This was the case with "Ninety one" and others who followed the same path by reflecting their opportunities and colourful soul to the whole country, with hope they will understand and support them. Nights of practicing, dancing, trying to make each aspect of their performance as much perfect as possible. And this was the reaction and result..."What a pity!" somebody might say. No, those people completely disagree with you. They do not give up. They will stand again and again. How much is it needed to evidence they have a right to show the world something never seen. They have put all their trial into lyrics." When you feel alone ,you can breathe with the world. Just keep our rhythm. One love, one rhythm". These are the part of their lyrics. Despite the fact that there was no one who could warm those people up with such words they have done it. First of all, they have proved themselves that nothing is impossible, just never give up, and make sure your psychology is also extremely strong as well. I was wondering is it the same everywhere, people behave and try to affect you by being or directing the right, pure way which you and the rest of us should follow. Otherwise you will be criticised. I moved to Poland for the purpose of studying abroad and exploring masterpiece, breathtaking architectures of Europe. However, the prominent one for being physically here was to figure out their mind. Are they also into "fixing" others way of thinking and giving a piece of "vital advice". It turns out they are not, due to the fact that their personal issues and life is much more flamboyant so that they do not have time to carp others and be criticized .As a consequence, I have noted that people's mind directly affects to the establishment of society which is inherited from generation to generation. Due to such a strong fundament it is the hardest thing, just take and change it. But we also have to understand, others are allowed to be who they would like to be and behave as they want. We do not have the rights to inhibit them. The morality of my writing is not promoting or making PR to this group. I just wanted to assure that even there is an obstacle called "the whole universe", never give up your intention and thoughts. Just broad in mind why you have commenced and keep going up. As we know, after so called "rebellion" there is always kind of revolution. We also should know this is the tip of iceberg .For instance, I would like to give as an example the circumstance with Nikolai Copernicus. From history it is known that by risking his life he has monitored the heliocentric system which means that in the centre of our system is not the Earth, but the Sun. In spite of all the prohibitions from the side of the church. Who knows where were we if he would not discovered? So, why we cannot be the modern "little Nikolai Copernicuses of our world". As I have mentioned "'Being different is not being wrong".

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