Whenever I have a free time I turn a penny at restaurant . today ,at 7 pm two old but very beautiful grannie walked in and ordered latte with gingerbread. When I gave them order, one of them, said “this latte has a huge love story “. I asked “why” and she started telling her story She is 78 years old. She is a dowager and whenever she was at loggerheads with her husband ,she went to another room for sleep ,just not to see him,just to be at distance from him. Each of them wasn't telling “the goodnight thing,”didn't say how much they loved each other and after quarrel they didn't want to look at each other. But there was one thing that could unite them – latte with gingerbread, her husband always did it for her,just to make her smile . the woman says that she especially was walking quietly because doesn't want once again quarrel and talk with him. She bought night light cause didn't want to turn on the light while he was sleeping .but he didn't appreciate it all, all he could do just latte with gingerbread .one day she was tired of such life and decided to have a little trip without him . he called her every day ,even twice a day- one at morning ,one at evening. At one day she didn't receive evening call from him and thought he got tired of her ,that's why she got mad at him . Later she found out that he felt sick and lost consciousness. as it turned out, the thrombus from the leg passed into the heart and the husband died. Only after that she realized that she lived wrong her domesticity with him and had a depression over two years. She grasp her mistake , instead of quarrel's they could have a hug ,go to the restaurant ,look up at the skies ,just do anything they want. They could say more often to each other how much they love together ,they could share their love to the children and grandchildren. they had a chance to change it all ,but they missed a boat …they boat of hope, love and faith . She also said if she could have only one wish to be fulfilled – she would ask for her husband with latte and gingerbread. “I understand the price of moment only now ,when I lost it”she added. We are the children of war, she said..and nowadays people live the same life ,they want to part from each other ,don't want to make the memory of life, don't want share the love ,don't want hold forth a hope. We are deprived of such simple things as love,trust ,kindness. People try to chase the fortune ,earn more money , gain benefit ,become famous ,try to visit all countries around in hope to find the reAL love of life instead of embellish what they have. I asked her ,how people should live today? She said just live ,give warmth to relatives ,say more often whAT they mean to them ,say how much love and respect they have for them. Call even for one minute just to say “it is cold outside go and get a coat” or “ I am sorry for that words ,maybe we can go to the restaurant and solve the problem “. LIFE is too short ,today we have a million ,tomorrow we lose it all . today we have a story to share with person we love,but tomorrow we can lose it. Today you can receive a latte with gingerbread from your love ,tomorrow you will never have it again. Some people need you ,they need to hear your voice ,need to meet you no matter how you look,need to hug you . human needs human in this life and nothing more . In conclusion she added ‘some people have a huge ocean spate inside of them,but instead of showing them ,they try to hide” Share love and care while you still can.

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