The Time I have

Being able to know what it is like to live in two completely different environment shapes me to become an observer with the sense of empathy. I spent most of my week in a student city near the Capital where most of our needs can be fulfilled in a blink of an eye. Moreover, the faculty of my major is known as the place where rich students whose cars would fill the entire parking lot, and turns it into a car dealer look alike. But all those fortunes around seems to be forgotten every time I went home to my born-and-raised city, when I sat in silence inside of the green-colored small car, called angkot. All I see is people walking in sweats with their hands carrying all kinds of bag, trying to live a life. And it hits me, it always does. I think this is some kind of a slap on my face that means, “Here, Fajri. This is real life. Don't ever be lulled with all of air-conditioned rooms with comfortable seats. Get yourself back and finish your dream to help them!” All these difference, with only 40 minutes ride with train, make me realize all the inequality in this country. How this one friend can easily replace his car to the newest version, while others patiently wait for the bus to come. How that person can just carelessly throw out his meals, while so many people suffering from hunger in the world out there. There are many other examples of inequality I can write, and since this issue can be found around us, it should be our concern as the next generation of the country. Because of that, I dream to reduce the inequality in Indonesia. Of all 20 years of my life, especially in this coming of an age stage, I always get to be questioned “what are you going to do with your life?” And it always got me thinking what should I do with my time? So in order to find all the questions of my head, I tried my best to always look for new experiences. From joining the mountaineering to journalist organization, from travelling from one place to another, from studying sciences to economics, I've done it all. But I do not say that I have done everything. Instead, I pointed out that those stories I've made in my life is only a small part of other untouched experiences. But after all these moments, I am still on the journey to find myself. And as the time goes by, also after long session of self-thoughts in angkot, I finally found what I want to do in the future. I want to do good deeds to the society. There are so many thoughts in my head of what contributions I can do to help others. But I know all those thoughts would be useless if I didn't act on it. So, I decided to do a volunteer work, as a volunteer teacher. It may seems effortless to others, but if it can create an impact to help others, why not? Who knows that these children in my group will grow up and become the next president, or doctors who found the cure of cancer? And if that happened, it means that my works now will be paid off when they are successfully help others too in the future. It is sad for me if a person thinks that he cannot achieve his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and making his own business, just because he do not have the funds to start it. I think everybody has the right and chance to make their work, not just those who born with wealth. People like me, who's raised in a middle-class family, or even the fortuneless, can also build their dreams. My plan is to create a multi finance company which main purpose is to help entrepreneur with clear vision, get their resources. And by saying clear vision, I mean that they also want to help society by creating employment. Most of the successful entrepreneur starts their business with funds from investors, not from their own saving or family heritage. But the requirements are often too hard for people with lower-class condition. This kind of situation sometimes got me thinking, what if people that could not get the funding are the one with the ability to create more employment but sadly they cannot do it because they have poor economy. I would make my company to embrace new entrepreneur who has the brain and great ideas, even if they come from unfortunate background. Of course, my decision won't be reckless since before deciding to give funding, as a financial analyst, I should analyze factors that need to be checked. But one thing I can do to help them is to eliminate political or acquisitive factors and instead, provide them good accompaniment so they know how to utilize the resources. In the end, with my work in building this company, I would help the next entrepreneurs of this country to create more employment. So what I've done is not just for one or two persons, but indirectly, I also help more people to get their jobs. And eventually, with all the time I have, I hope my small contribution will help to reduce the inequality in Indonesia.

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