A missing person

A person is missing. The person has been missing for a long time. That is what people claim. No matter to whom I talk to I can understand that that person means a lot for them. They have such a strong intention to find that person and they give description of that person with a big pleasure using the most beautiful words and expressing the most positive emotions. Surprisingly, none of them mentions that person's name, age and gender. From people's intention I have concluded that there must be something special about him/her that makes him/her so distinctive. But what it might be? Personality? Beauty? Social status? Who is “that” person? A superman? A wonder woman? I have had a lot of questions. To find it out I have tried to analyze all information that I was given and make a possible image of him/her. (Further, P – that person). Starting with P's appearance, people have told lots of things about P's attractiveness. So, P is gorgeous. P has beautiful eyes with “fire” in them that spread warmth to surrounding, has a voice that expresses words full of wisdom that give hope to interlocutor's heart and make their life path a colourful rainbow, and a beautiful smile that somehow makes the world a better place. Turning to the personal traits, I have found out that P is a hard-working and smart person with interests that cover different areas of science and art. P is that exact person who can leave his/her warm bed in the morning and wash his/her face with icy water, go outside to work out and build muscles despite of the pain that exercises bring because he/she knows that this is the best way to keep own health in good state. Furthermore, P can stay late at work because he/she knows for sure that only working hard enables him/her to achieve more. P avoids mouth-watering meal if it is unhealthy. Being beloved by family, friends and even strangers because of his/her personality, P is far from self praise. Moreover, P prefers simple things even when his/her wealth can let P the most luxury things. His/her high intelligence and well manner is easily noticed from the first moments of communication. “What a person!” - my brain has shouted. “I need to see that person.”- I have thought to myself. Then... Then I have understood one thing... That person is missing. Actually, that person has been missing for a long time. Now, that is what I claim. That person is missing inside of us. P is whom we want to become, best version of us. Some people want to be fit and healthy, while others strive to reach success. Some of us want to have a big circle of friends and have a loving family, while for others erudition is prioritized. We have a big intention to find that person, but we do little work for it. And the chance to find P is vanishing with every single moment when trembling hands holding door handle end up not opening it, when great ideas and the most important words remain unexpressed, when staying in lower position seems better than taking responsibilities because it is more safety, when blaming people seems easier than trying to understand them. The chance to see that person in the mirror keeps vanishing every time when lying on the sofa is preferable than leaving one's cozy place and pushing oneself to work out, when stucking on own mistakes and other's betrayal dominates letting the situation go. We are all looking for our best side so hardly that we have forgotten that the person whom we want to become cannot be found, it can be created only with daily laborious work. That person is already over here. The thing that must be done is to shape him or her.

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