What's My Name?

~Weird dream event for contest\n\n\"Stop.. Please.\" I said with plead in my voice. \"I.. love you.\" And I meant it. despite from what he's doing to me, I still love him, and I don't think I could ever stop.\n\nHe laughed, a pitiful laugh, but I knew he doesn't pity me at all. He turned around and walked away like he was thinking. But with the look on his face, I knew my words didn't affect him at all.\n\nHe turned around with a powerful move, you could see his hair move against the wind. He took two powerful strokes towards me and put his hand on the side of my face, rather rough. He dig his finger in a cut on my face and smiled when I whimpered.\n\n\"Aww my poor Katherina,\" He started, his face so close to mine you could smell his breath, \"You didn't actually believe I loved you, did you?\" He asked with a tilt of his head. He leaned in to kiss me, and even after this abuse, I was still mourning the touch of his lips on mine. \n\nAs his lips got closer to mine, I closed my eyes. But when I opened them, he was not seen. Disappointment clouded my senses for I thought he left me on this boat. But I was reassured he didn't when he came back with a sac in his hand. \n\nHe looked at me with a evil grin as he came closer. So suddenly, I knew why I was covered in cuts. He was ready to make me drown, and bleed to death. \n\nAs he came closer, my heart started pounding harder. I had an evil look in my eye, almost daring him to try anything. And he took the challenge, and opened the bag right in front of me. \n\nI pulled on the chains around my wrists, hoping that something would break anything strapping me to this boat. I could see Jack smiling as he was watching me struggle. I kept tugging until I saw red liquid streaming down my arms, and I knew that I had to stop. My wrists were bleeding and the cuts would help me bleed to death. I looked at Jack who was still watching me struggle. \n\n\"Please, Jack. You don't have to do this. We can still put this all behind us. We can go back to town, start a beautiful family with 3 kids. We don't ever have to look back. Please, just don't do this, I will always love you.\" I pleaded, and he nodded like he was understanding. But the wicked smirk he had on his face was telling me what he actually thought. That nothing I say will change his mind. \n\nHe came close to me, and slid my body into the bag, starting from my feet so I couldn't run away. He took the handcuffs off my hands and held them in his hands. I knew there was not point in fighting him, so I didn't. I just looked at him with a sad face. I couldn't change his mind, but I could make the last thing he remembers be this face. \n\nHe looked at me and tilted his head. \"Goodbye Katherina.\" He said and leaned in to kiss me before my death. He kissed me this time, and I kissed him back, passionately and sweetly. I smiled when he pulled away, but he stuffed the rest on me in the bag.\n\nI fought a bit, seeing as this does not have to be the end. But he tightened the bag, and threw it over the boat and onto the water. \n\nI looked around me and looked at the water filling up the bag. I fought with the top of the bag, trying to untighten the knot. I don't see how this has to be the end of my life. I kept pulling on the sides of the bag as I heard the boat drive away. I saw my blood all over the water and I held in what last breath I had.\n\nAfter struggling with the top of the bag, it finally came open, and I was able to escape. Since I was holding my breath in for so long, and I had cuts all around me, my body was weaker then usual. But I fought with myself and made it to the surface of the water. Taking one big breath of air, I passed out.\n\n- - - 3 months later - - -\n\nI woke up spitting water out of my lungs. I had dirt all over me, and no idea where I was. \n\nI tried getting up but failed the first time. I then took a deep breath and tried again slower, this time I succeeded. I pulled myself up with my arms, and got up on my feet. I then started walking around.\n\nWhere am I? What happened? What time is it? \n\nQuestions filled my head as I walked around the small island. I looked around and there were only little animals all over the island. I walked around the boarder, and didn't see anything but water for as far as my naked eye could see. I looked down in the clear water and watched my reflection.\n\nAnd most importantly, who am I?

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