A special morning

I want to start my essay with the words of Marcus Aurelius, that could work as a hook to get into it and a chance to taste a bit what is going on inside of my heart. “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” Today I was given a chance to open two gifts in the morning. And there were my two deer eyes. I grateful to God for every single morning. As the sun creeps above the horizon, the completely new day is all fresh piece of paper of your life and has no white or dark points on it as a newborn baby opens the next page of the new history. The every ray of the sun light that penetrates the curtain warms my thoughts, body and make me cognizant that I am the luckiest person. If the sun seems to be the cornucopia of brightness that has no limit. Shines, warms, makes wake up, motivates and energizes to do great things. I could probable say this period as an apogee of the day, which comes one by one. Most people are not cognizant of the importance of “how we start it?” so I deem that it is very important to map your day to the best possibilities, so the coda of the this day, as a mere drop in the your life ocean, will have a commensurate outcomes. Here, the best thing to do is meditate as possible as you can. We are the happiest creatures ever, as we live in peace and have a chance to savor the newness and freshness. Even if you imagine yourself sitting on top of the world, everything starts from small things and decisions that we make every day, when we encounter dilemmas. Thinking about things from the first seconds of the day that are good and pouring positivizes into your heart helps to ignore the dark sides of the life as the minority in the whole and aggrandize the happy moments as a month of Sundays. Luckily, we are granted the ability to love and be loved. Waking up in the morning and taking up a deep breath assures that are bestowed to continue to live and we are loved. Being able to see love and affectionateness in everything is priceless. Love is known to be the vital thing that motivates and builds our life, which is invisible to our eyes and could be felt through heart that reigns brain. I had used to wake up in the morning and hear the voice of my parents, who are talking with each other. I guess that it is the best canon of the life. This laugh aids the happiness to reign in my heart. So making yourself aware of that your parents, the greatest blessing of the world, who bestow you with the truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving love is the best moment of anybody's life. However, as now I live in a hostel, I need to wake up and motivate myself to do wonderful and grand things. And truly understand the price of those mornings. We should always bear in mind and recognize that you “can” accomplish arduous tasks and be happiest person in the world. Being able to start your every special morning in a positive note, which is every a single day, is the key to happiness. Try to love, feel and understand things as the rays of the sun, that do a lot to grant people to put smile on our pretty faces to live this short life with full of memorable moments.

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