Feast of Fantasy

Are you a dreamer? Can you put all your dreams into a single life and make them come true? There are far away dreams, like stars in the sky, but in the world of literature everything is possible. We can live thousands of lives in thousands of places and there is no such a power in the whole world that would be able to resist blue sky thinking. The secret of eternal youth is hidden in books. If you are ready to try out a deliciousness of imagination, stay with me and I will treat you to my fantasy. \nLet us start with the first course, which is fairy tales. I have chosen this one, as the first fantasy children are treated to. \"Twelve month\",\"The Swan Princess\", as well as Disney's \"Snow White and the seven Dwarfs\", and \"The Sleeping Beauty\" were my first experiences of fantasy. Through fairy tales children get in touch with the real world. Magic had a taste of hot chocolate and was as natural and real as bedtime stories. \nNext, try out the main course and the most important one. When we are young, life is varied in its treats, but you want to be careful, when you reach out your hand to take it, you can get chocolate or marmalade, but then you could also get the flavor of rotten eggs or bitterness; life is not all sweet. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans is known as tricky sweets, but Harry Potter tasted them when he was eleven. The teenage time is a period, when we have no time to hesitate, no time to choose and just enjoy life with all its treats; it is a time to shine! Did you face \u2018dementors' and \u2018boggarts'? They take us aback, while we are trying out life. They are our despair and our fears; thanks to a defense against the dark arts I have fought them and now I keep living and do magic. My wand is my backbone. It is something you could not buy even in the \u2018Diagon Alley', it is an inborn gift, to do magic and it is important to remember, that all of us are \u2018wizards'. Thanks to \u2018Harry Potter' I have learned how to handle the wand since the age of eleven. \nWhat do you want to drink: tea, coffee, or the Universe? The Hatter and his company hold an endless tea party, while the time lord is travelling through time and space, but he always has time to have some tea. How do we use our time? Have you ever thought about it? Imagine all time and space in a cup of tea. No matter how much you have drunk, your cup is full. The opposite situation, when your cup is half-empty, but you have not even taken a gulp yet. These are the examples of how we are in charge of our time: we can plan or we can act. If you just flap you jaw, like Hatter's company you will drop the ball, and not touch the heights of your dream, you must run through your plans and then all the time and space will be at your service. When I was eighteen I tasted the Universe. \nDo you like spices? Any insipid course in our life needs to be dressed with spice. The lack of spices is the lack of emotions. Would you like to live through your previous day? If you are thinking about your day with distaste, it is time to experiment. What kind of taste has your life? I have been experimenting with the menu during my literature experience, so let me tell you what kind of cuisine the fantasy is. The battlefields pouring with dragon flame, the princess with skin of a frog, The Great Sept of Baelor stuffed with wild fire, enemies chopped by the Excalibur are the ingredients of a fantasy meal. If you feel like your life is missing \u2018spices', approach Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll or Robert Louis Stevenson, to taste fantasy cuisine.

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